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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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All wheel pants are constructed from a single fiberglass mold which eliminates joining seams. No surface preparation is necessary.

All pants are shipped with a shiny urethane Gel-Coat finish.

Standard color is white.
Blue, Yellow, Gray & Black also available.

The bottom of the pants are open to allow dried mud and grass to fall away from the pant. Unlike most wheel pants these pants also serve as a FENDER while also reducing wheel/tire wind drag.

5" WHEEL PANT for 5" X 11" tire. $96.00 U.S. each  

6" WHEEL PANT  for 6" X 13" tire $105.00 U.S. each  

5/8" dia. & 3/4" dia. axle extender w/ bolt  $8.50 each U.S.  
Cut out prices include ALL necessary mounting hardware. $30.00 per pant  
Normally the wheel pants are shipped as they are removed from the mold (all flashed edges are sanded smooth). We can cut the wheel pant so that installation is done by simply bolting the pant to your plane.

Cut out prices include ALL necessary mounting hardware.
$30.00 per pant

ALL MX MODELS Nose wheel, non-steerable
ALL MX MODELS Nose wheel, steerable
ALL MX MODELS Main wheel
ALL MX MODELS Main wheel, *Quicksilver brakes
ALL MX MODELS Main wheel, *Air-Tech Brakes

ALL GT MODELS Nose wheels
GT400 Main wheel, no brakes
GT400 Main wheel, Hyd. brakes, HEGAR
GT500 Main wheel, Hyd. brakes, MATCO

5/8" dia. & 3/4" dia. axle extender w/ bolt $8.50

**Using a 6" wheel pant on a 5" main wheel with brakes will cover all exposed brake components. The brake cable and conduit routes through the wheel pant. This application is very neat.

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