Steerable nose wheel, Quicksilver steerable nosewheel.

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Quicksilver steerable nosewheel

Because of constant price changes from suppliers it is difficult to provide up to date pricing on the internet for Quicksilver parts.

If you would like a quote on prices select the product(s) you require, and then check out, and we will email you a quote with the latest pricing, and shipping charges.

Quicksilver steerable nose wheel kit (factory)
$350.00 U.S.


Quicksilver steerable nose wheel kit (after market) 
$300.00 U.S.


To use these kits your craft has to have the foot pedals with holes in them, and the updated strut attachment fittings.


There is a charge for the price quote which is refundable with an order.


1 60560 Fork Assembly  
2 40368 Nose Strut  
3 AN4-16A Bolt AN 4 16A  
4 960 416 1/4 inch washer  
5 AN3 65 -4 Lock nut  
6 20270 Saddle  
7 41304 Tension strut  
8 60561 Wheel Fork  
9 AN4 13A Bolt  
10 91012 Control arm  
11 AN4 14A Bolt  
12 30006 Bearing  
Quicksilver steerable nosewheel.

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