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Building a Quicksilver MX Sprint I
July 1, 2002

I am building this plane in my garage. Yes, a woman can do it! When my plane is finished it will look similar to this one:

(but in purple and pink instead of all blue)

I am taking my time to read and re-read the instructions. I check the diagrams and part numbers several times before attaching anything. As suggested in the manual, I am not going to rush through this project.
(All construction times are rounded-off to the nearest half hour.) 

The pieces are all labeled and attached to cardboard sheets using shrink wrap.

Even the nuts and the bolts are all labeled and arranged on the cardboards!

The parts are well laid out. It is very easy to find what I need while I'm working.

Even the sails are bundled with the wings tied separately. 

I'm all set up and ready to begin!

Day 1, hour 1.5

Day 2, hour 4.5 - rudder finished

Day 2, hour 6 - Oops! I built it like a Sprint II.

Day 3, hour 6.5 - disassembled LE of elevator

Day 3, hour 7 - I fixed it!

Day 4, hour 8 - horizontal stabilzer finished.

Day 5, hour 12

Day 6, hour 12.5 - tail section finished.

Since the garage is full, construction has moved inside.

Day 7, hour 14 - root tube and wheels are finished

Day 8, hour 18 - steerable nosewheel done.

Day 9, hour 23 - all nuts finger tight just in case

Day 10, hour 25 - trike is finished except for gas tank

Day 11 - a friend helped me to carry the trike into the garage. I had to remove a couple of tubes in order to get it to fit vertically through the doorway. She took this picture of me while I replaced and tightened the bolts.

Day 11 - everything is back together again!


Day 12, hour 27 - all wing struts finished.

Day 13, hour 27.5 - leading & trailing edges attached to root tube.

Day 13, hour 28 - fabric is on the wings.

Day 13, hour 29 - fabric rivited, three ribs inserted on each wing, stenciled holes for compression struts.

Day 14, hour 34.5- all ribs fully inserted, heat cut holes in wings, all struts attached finger tight.

Day 14, hour 35 - upper wires attached to wings.
(four places each wing)

Day 15, hour 38 - wings finished except for the angled compression strut on each wing tip and securing the ribs, all wires are attached.

Day 16, hour 40 - wires attached to front and back of trike, rudder cables attached, seat mount attached, finished throttle assembly.

Day 17, hour 41 - Dad helped me to attach the engine - I couldn't lift it alone.

Day 17, hour 41.5 - I couldn't get the fittings into the gas tank. Dad had to do it. He is strong!

Day 17, hour 45 - the engine is in place.

Day 17, hour 45 - a view from the other side.

Day 17, hour 45.5 - with all the fittings in place, I can now mount the gas tank.

Day 17, hour 45.5 - the engine is now completely installed, gas tank and all!

Day 18, hour 47.5 - seat & kill switch installed

Day 19, hour 49 - control stick assembly installed

Day 19, hour 50.5 - controls now installed correctly

Day 19, hour 50.5 - a view from the back

Day 20, hour 53 - Dad is helping with the ailerons.

Day 20, hour 54.5 - He rivets while I take the picture.

Day 21, hour 57 - We're playing "tug-o-war". It is VERY difficult to get the fabric on the ailerons!

Day 21, hour 58.5 - Fabric is finally on the ailerons! Now installing the end caps and the stops.

Day 21, hour 59 - Replacing the remote choke. Dad has to install the manual choke. No directions were included! Luckily, he's a mechanic!

Day 21, hour 59.5 - I'm ready to fly! Unfortunately, the plane is not ready yet. The only thing left is to secure the ribs with fasteners. It won't be long now!!

Day 22, hour 60 - tip struts installed

Day 22, hour 61 - ribs drilled and fasteners attached

Day 22 - parts transported to the airport for final assembly using a neighbor's car carrier trailer

Day 22 - tail section completely assembled
ailerons are ready for the wings

Day 22 - the trike sits next to my old plane.
Anyone want to buy a 2 place T-Bird with 10 hours??

Day 22 - the wings traveled to the airport one at a time.

Day 23, hour 65 - wings and tail section attached

Day 24, hour 69 - assembly and adjustments complete

Four things left to do: cut/install the center fabric, break-in the engine, have the dealer check and test fly the plane, get Ultralight Pilot Certified.

She has her very own hangar!


I started to break-in the engine but could not finish because the RPM continued to jump from 4800 to off the scale with nothing in-between.

Since the engine was not ready to be broken-in, I taxied slowly once down the runway and back. I made sure to keep the airspeed below 15 MPH!

I made it back safely. What a blast!!

Dad gets the fun job of mounting the strobe!

Now it's complete, like the star on a Christmas tree!

Tom tests the new Warp Drive prop. 6280 RPM!!

Tom is preparing for her first flight.

60 ft. take-off roll!!!

And she's off!!

Tom flies directly overhead.

Coming in for a landing. Look Mom, NO HANDS!!

A perfect landing!!

Tom made it back safely.
I was signed-off to solo by John Smith, BFI 
on June 26, 2002 and did my first solo on
June 28, 2002.

This is the T-shirt I wore when I did my solo.
They cut the back out of it and then signed the front.
The rest is history!!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make 
my dream a reality!!

Thank you to:
John Lasko at Quicksilver
Tom Tschanz, my Quicksilver dealer and Flight Instructor
Sandy Gordley, my Flight Instructor
John Smith, my Flight Instructor
Story and photo's courtesy of http://homepages.accnorwalk.com/2coda/Ultralights/Sprint/INDEX.HTML

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