Quicksilver nose fairing, Quicksilver nose bubble, Quicksilver nose pod, Quicksilver windshields.

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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Our Quicksilver NOSE BUBBLE was originally developed by one of our innovative customers who's sole purpose was to keep the rain off of his body while flying
Quicksilver nose fairing, Quicksilver nose bubble, Quicksilver nose pod, Quicksilver windshields.

The concept was to protect the pilot from the stinging rain while not sacrificing any visibility. Access and egress into the pilots seat should not require complex contortionary skills and most of all... handling characteristics should not be altered.

After several attempts with "D" cell shapes and using the "'Ole pickup truck- test bed wind tunnel" the best shape was mounted.

The first flight was truly an eye opener. Not only was 90% of the relative wind blocked... but the expected decrease in cruise airspeed did not happen. Instead we increased our cruise speed by 7 MPH----WOW!!Quicksilver nose fairing, Quicksilver nose bubble, Quicksilver nose pod, Quicksilver windshields. what a pleasant surprise.

The next flight consisted of adverse flight handling characteristics. We expected to experience some type of odd effect on the control surfaces. NOPE!! the Bubble had NO ill effect on any control surface. The stall, slip, yaw and spin characteristic of our test plane was not affected in any way.

I've had the Bubble mounted on a Sport II and brought it to 84 mph (full power, two people and nose very low) with no problems. This was done for testing only!!!!! Published VNe for the Sport II is 75 MPH and should be observed.

FLIGHT INSTRUCTION is simplified with the bubble. Using ultra-thin pin stripe tape apply a vertical line in the center of the bubble. Also, run several horizontal lines intersecting the vertical lines. These lines are approx. 2" apart and 12" long. Now you have a reference to the horizon with degree increments. This makes flight instruction a piece of cake, just set the horizon on the cross marks and cruise, climb, turn and descend without wondering about angle of attack.

Construction is simple. 1/2" X .035 alum. tubing makes up the frame. 1/16" clear lexan is the cover. The whole thing is attached to the airframe using heavy duty tie-straps.

The Bubble kit has been pre-drilled. This is done by us building the bubble on our jig then disassembled and packaged for UPS shipping. Work by the customer consist of Popping about 100 rivets and drilling two 1-1/2" dia. holes for the steering rods if used.

Added weight is approx. 15 Lbs. which is usually welcomed on most Sports and Sprint

Two Place $450.00
Single place $415.00

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