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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Quicksilver pilot fairings

Our Quicksilver MX fairing offers the pilot an increase in cruise speed without sacrificing or changing the take-off, landing or stall speed.

Each fairing is constructed using hand laid lightweight  reinforced fiberglass.

The windshield is a .0625" thickness Lexan™ sheet and is precut. Lexan is the material of choice due to it's incredible resistance to shattering (shards) in the unlikely event of impact. The exterior is a durable High-Gloss Polyester Gel-Coat finish and requires no further attention.

Standard color is white, custom colors are available on request.


Quicksilver Pilot Fairing


PE150 Pilot Fairing only $160.00




Quicksilver Pilot Fairing Assembly kit


PE150C Pilot Fairing Assembly kit (A) $287.00




Quicksilver Pilot Fairing Instrument Panel


PE151 Pilot Fairing Instrument Panel $ 55.00






PE152 Pilot Fairing Windshield only (replacement Lexan) $ 45.00


Quicksilver Pilot Fairing Tall Windshield


PE152A Pilot Fairing Tall Windshield (add) (B) $ 35.00




PE152T Pilot Fairing Tall Windshield Kit  (C) $ 80.00




Quicksilver Rudder Pedal Standoff kit  


PE160 Rudder Pedal Standoff kit                  (D) $ 15.50


All prices in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice




Bubble for two place MX $450.00 U.S.
Bubble, 2 Place Sport2 S  $450.00 U.S.

  Construction is simple. 1/2" X .035 alum. tubing makes up the frame. 1/16" clear lexan is the cover.

The whole thing is attached to the airframe using heavy duty tie-straps.

The Bubble kit has been pre-drilled. This is done by us building the bubble on our jig then disassembled and packaged for UPS shipping. Work by the customer consist of "popping" about 100 rivets and drilling two 1-1/2" dia. holes for the steering rods if used.

Added weight is approx. 15 lbs. which is usually welcomed on most Sports and Sprints.

Typically a 2 week lead time is needed prior to shipping. - ThankYou!   



Single place MX $415.00 U.S.


(A) Includes fiberglass pod, standard windshield, trim, standoffs, mounting hardware & instructions.

(B) Adds tall windshield, support frame & instructions to PT#   PE150C

(C) Tall windshield kit includes windshield, support frame, rivets, mount hardware and instructions.

(D) Raises foot pedals approx. 3" to allow fairing to set above nose wheel. Eliminates the need to
cut out for the nose wheel. Included with PE150C

We do not recommend cutting a hole big enough to allow the nose wheel to occupy space in the nose of the fairing, Instead, we'll supply a pair of standoffs which will raise the foot pedals to allow the fairing to be mounted just above the nose wheel. These standoffs are also used in the steerable nose wheel application.

The fairing is normally shipped as it is removed from the mold (without any wheel cut-outs), however, being we are the manufacturer, we can supply the fairing with the nose wheel area already cut out, see information below. You'll need to drill the holes to attach the windshield and the holes (6) for the mounting hardware.

NOTE: CAN BE SHIPPED BY UPS as oversize package

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