Rotax 532 aircraft engine recoil service and installation.



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Rotax 532 aircraft engine recoil service

Disassembly - Rewind starter

Removal from engine

Tools Required
10 mm/6mm allen deep reach socket

Snap ring pliers

Shop supplies
Low temperature grease
Molykote G-N paste

It may be necessary to remove the recoil handle on some engines to allow removal from aircraft. To do this tie a slip knot in the recoil rope immediately in front of the recoil. Undo or cut the recoil rope at the handle. Disconnect the ignition suppressor box wires, black and red from the ignition coil wire plugs, blue/red -blue/black. Remove the four 10 mm socket head bolts and lock washers which hold the rewind starter to the engine. The recoil will come free.

Rope removal

Remove snap ring (15), lock spring,(14 (13) circlip and pawl (11) from recoil starter. Remove the rope sheave from the recoil. Place a blade screw driver into the hole where the recoil rope exits the sheave.

When the screwdriver comes up against the key clamp push until the key moves releasing the rope.

Inspect recoil spring, rope and mechanism for damage worn or broken parts, replace as necessary.


To ensure long trouble free operation of the recoil occasional maintenance is suggested. This maintenance involves light lubrication of the recoil rewind starter spring with low temperature grease. Plus lubrication of the pawl lock spring with Molykote G-N paste.


Tie a knot in recoil handle end of the recoil rope. Install sheave into starter housing, ensuring notch in sheave engages in the spring hook. Rotate sheave assembly counter clockwise until spring is fully compressed. While holding spring under tension. Release one turn, and align hole in sheave with recoil housing rope inlet.. Install the other end of the rope through housing and into sheave, until it passes through window in sheave. Install key clamp into window with teeth pointing so that they bite into rope when a pulling pressure is applied. Lock key clamp. Release tension and recoil rope will be rewound into housing. Reinstall pawl, pawl lock, circlip, prior to installation of locking spring lubricate with Molykote G-N paste, install spring, install lock ring.

If convenient reinstall recoil handle. Pull rope out tie slip knot at recoil, t burn end of rope , install rope into handle tie knot in rope. release slip knot. Install recoil on engine in reverse order or removal.


The use of multi-purpose grease may result in improper starter operation.

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