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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Professional Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft Sales

"Taking the work and aggravation out of selling your plane.
We look after all the phone calls, emails, shipping, delivery, and financial arrangements for you!"
  • your plane will be listed in our classifieds, PLUS our NEW aircraft sales section, and sent out to our nearly 10,000 email subscribers!
  • we will showcase your ultralight to the thousands of customers that visit our facilities every year many actively seeking to purchase aircraft that have met our high standard of  "recommended aircraft."
  • our new aircraft sales section can present your aircraft, in photo's,  voice and video. Showing buyers what your plane really has to offer!
  • our site provides 24/7 access to potential buyers, and is updated daily so that your add information is current.
  • we have flown over 500 different varieties of light sport aircraft, have been involved in building over 700 kits, including, Challenger, Rans, Pelican, Zenair, Quicksilver, Sea-Rey, Buccaneer, Bushmaster, Merlin, Hornet, Beaver, Chinook, Zephyr, Rotec Rally, Skyseeker, Tierra, Murphy Renegade, Carrera, Explorer, Drifter, Air Creation, Avid Flyer, Kitfox, Kolb Mark 111, Kestrel Hawk, Lazair, Eagle, Genesis and Buckeye Powered Parachutes, so we have the experience necessary to present your aircraft.
  • we do not get paid unless we sell your plane, no money down, no up front costs, just  supply us with pictures, video, description etc. of your plane, we do the rest! It is that easy! (Small fee MAY be charged for us taking pictures and or video.)
  • we get paid on a commission basis from both you and the buyer, payments are due ONLY when the aircraft is paid for in full.
  • we will work closely with you and your aircraft purchaser to make sure all the
    "t" s are crossed and the "i" s dotted.
  • we can assist with registration, surveys and inspections, ferry flights, demo flights, break down, repairs, crating, and or freight and delivery and help with importing and exporting.
  • need pictures taken, video done, would you like us to pick up, store and display your craft at our facilities call or email us and we will be happy to assist.

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