532 Rotax aircraft engine, points and condenser replacement.


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Rebuilding  the Rotax  532 ultralight aircraft engine.

Points replacement

Tools Required
() wrench
Screw driver

For removal of the stator unit refer to sections F.

With the stator unit completely detached from the engine it is now possible to remove the points and condensers.

Points removal

For points removal, disconnect the points wire from the top of the condenser. Then with a blade screw driver remove the screw, and lock washer retaining the points to the stator unit. The points should now come free.

Repeat for the other side.

Points installation

Reinstall points in reverse order, ensuring wiring is routed correctly.

Repeat for the other side.


Prior to removal of the points wire note the correct routing of the wires.


Silicone can be used to hold wiring in place.

Condenser removal

To remove the condensers, remove nut and lock washer from top of condenser, remove the points and ignition wires. Remove the insulating cap. Turn the stator plate upside down on the bench, so that the condensers are facing down. Support the plate, so that it rests above the bench. Place a small socket onto the bottom of the condenser, and with a hammer gently tap. The condenser will now come out.

Condenser Installation:

For condenser installation place the stator unit sideways in a vice. Place a new condenser into the condenser hole in the stator unit. Place a socket the same size as the outside of the condenser, on to the top of the condenser. Install a ring of Loctite 242 around base of condenser Close the vice down on the socket, pressing the condenser into the hole. Make sure the socket is straight. Stop when the bottom of the condenser is flush with the bottom of the stator unit. Now install a small quantity of Loctite 242 around bottom of condenser where contact is made with the stator unit. Repeat for the other side.

Install the insulator caps, wires, washers and nuts.

Caution: A condenser once removed from the stator plate cannot be reused, as the fit will be to loose for proper ground.
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