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Rebuilding the Rotax  532 ultralight aircraft engine.

With all the engine parts clean and dry, it is time for a reassembly inspection. Before putting the engine back together any worn or damaged parts must be repaired or replaced. This requires physically inspecting and/or measuring the various engine components.

-Inspect the piston for signs of wear or damage. Look for signs of damage to the dome. This could be an indication that foreign material has entered the engine, or that internal engine parts have entered the combustion chamber.
Inspect the bottom of the piston skirts. A shiny ring around the base of the piston skirt may indicate that the cylinder bore is out of round, or enlarged .
Inspect the ring seating areas, they should be free of carbon deposits and should not be damaged. The rings once installed should move freely on the piston.
-Inspect the dowels used to position the rings, for damage, and make sure that they are not loose.
-Inspect the underside of the piston dome for carbon build up, and clean if necessary.\..
Inspect piston dome Refer to Section I tolerances, for pistons, cylinder, etc.

.-Inspect the wrist pin bearing for wear, signs of foreign material, and or overheating.
-Inspect the wrist pin for damage, wear, and overheating.
-Inspect the connecting rod ends for signs of heat and wear.
-Inspect the cylinder head, for signs of damage. -Check the cylinder head for warpage.
-Inspect the crankcase halves for damage. Look carefully at the bearing seating areas.
If a bearing has spun in the case it maybe necessary to repair or replace the crankcase halves.
-Inspect the crankshaft bearings for wear, free play, and or contamination's.
-Inspect the crankshaft key way for signs of wear.
-Inspect the points, condensers, and internal wiring, for signs or wear, rubbing, or oil contamination. Loose fitting condensers, oil on the points, or between the condensers and stator plate, may cause erratic engine performance ..
-Inspect the magneto for foreign material, cracking, and wear on the keyway.
-Inspect rotary valve shaft for wear, in area of seal location.
-Ensure rotary valve shaft is straight.
-Inspect rotary valve gear, shim and bearings, replace is damaged.


It is recommended that all 532 engines equipped with cage style bearings be updated to cageless bearings.


It is necessary to replace or modify pistons to use new bearings.


..To ensure that the engine parts are not worn past the point of repair it is necessary to measure the affected components.

Measuring the cylinders
After the cylinders have been cleaned, all aluminium deposits removed, and the cylinders honed, measure the cylinder at two locations. The first across the top of the cylinder 5/8 of an inch from of the cylinder lip. Measurement north to south, then east to west.

Then measure the cylinder just above the intake ports, again measuring across east to west and north to south.

Compare these measurements with the wear limits.

Measuring ring end gap

heat cylinder and rings to 68/70 Degrees F. Using the bottom of the piston install a ring in the cylinder just above intake port. With a feeler gauge measure the gap between the ring ends. Repeat 5/8 of an inch from the top lip of the cylinder.

Measure ring end gap just above intake ports

Measuring rotary valve shaft

To measure rotary valve shaft, support center of shaft, using a dial indicator measure shaft at both ends and center, while rotating slowly.

Compare these limits with specifications.

Part Code Dot Engine Converted Piston Cylinder by Formula Dimensions 

996-490 - 71.93 Red      532B Std.   2.83 -  2.833 - 2.8345
996-490 - 71.94 Green  532B Std - .2.83 -  2.833 - 2.8355
996-491 - 72.18 Red       532B 1st. - 2.84 -  2.842 - 2.8445
996-491 - 72.19 Green   532B 1st -   2.84 - 2.843 - 2.8455
996-492 - 72.43 Red      532B 2nd -  2.85 - 2.852 - 2.8545
996-492 - 72.44Green   532B 2nd -  2.85 - 2.853 - 2.8555

Measuring piston

Heat piston to 68 to 70 degrees F. Then using a micrometer measure the piston skirt and compare it with specifications.
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