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Rebuilding  the Rotax  532 ultralight aircraft engine.


Tools Required
Wire brush
Old rings
Cleaning solvent
Paint brush
Cylinder hone

Cleaning cylinder head

Using a wire brush and PJ1 cleaner carefully remove any carbon deposits from cylinder head.

Cleaning cylinders

Clean the cylinders with a brush and cleaning solvent. If aluminium deposits are present first heat the cylinders then apply a small quantity of muriatic acid with a brush, let stand for several minutes then clean thoroughly with solvent.

Once the aluminium deposits have been removed from the cylinder wall, hone the cylinders first from one end then the other. When finished the cylinders should have a distinct cross hatching pattern on the cylinder walls.

Using a wire brush remove all carbon deposits from exhaust ports. If present remove cylinder base gaskets, exhaust gaskets, and intake manifold gasket material. Rinse cylinders thoroughly in cleaning solvent, and then using a oil soaked rag wipe inside the cylinder walls, until walls are coated in a thin layer of oil.

Cleaning Pistons

Before cleaning the pistons carefully remove the rings. Then using a wire brush and cleaning solvent remove the carbon deposits from the top of the pistons, and from within the ring land area.

If replacing rings, use old ring to scrape any remaining carbon free from the ring seating area. If you are reusing old rings ensure they are replaced on the same piston and installed in same cylinder.


Be careful not to damage the ring lands, piston dome or skirt area.


Cleaning crankcase halves

Using solvent and a paintbrush (do not use wire brush) remove any remaining sealing material from the two crankcase mating areas.

Cleaning the crankshaft

Using PJ1 cleaner and a brush carefully rinse crankshaft and crankshaft bearings. Then immediately rinse crankshaft bearings in oil.

Cleaning crankcase bolts

Using a wire brush clean any corrosion from crankcase bolts.

Cleaning balance of engine parts.

Using cleaning solvent and brush clean balance of engine parts.


Do not use wire brush to clean crankcase halves!
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