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Rotax Free Air engine ram air scoop.

I Always said I would get some good pictures of a Free Air scoop if I ever saw one up close.

Well, I had that opportunity recently when I snapped these photos of a Rotax 447 powered Hurricane.

 Although  there are no dimensions one should be able to extrapolate from the photos.  This particular scoop is made from 3 pieces and riveted together with "Pop" TM  rivets.
This shows a good overall view of the scoop. The use of this scoop requires that the factory cooling fan housing be replaced with a special casting.
Shown here is the vane which directs air to the front cylinder fins. It also clearly details how aluminum washers are used as doublers under the rivets.
A view of the bottom and right rear of the engine.
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Here you can see how the lower part of the scoop is mounted to the exhaust bolt. What is hard to see is the rubber grommet that the bolt passes through on the bottom side of the scoop to help dampen vibration.
Top view of the engine-to-scoop mounting, including cut outs for the plugs.
This view shows the left rear quadrant.

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