Rotax engine preflight inspection and Rotax aircraft engine daily pre-flight check list.

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Rotax daily engine pre-flight check list.

This is a suggested checklist of some of the things ultralight and light sport aircraft pilots should check on their Rotax aircraft engines before every flight.
1 check ignition switched off ra.gif (374 bytes) 1 check ignition switched off
2 drain water from system ra.gif (374 bytes) 2 check to make sure you have enough  fuel for planned trip
3 check carb rubber socket or flange for cracks 3
4 check float bowl for water or dirt 4
5 check air filter clamps and condition 5
6 check radiator condition and mounting ra.gif (374 bytes) 6 check for coolant leaks
7 check coolant overflow bottle and cap security ra.gif (374 bytes) 7 check coolant system for contamination
8 check coolant hoses for leaks and chafing 8
9 check engine for coolant leaks at cylinder head - base - waterpump 9
10 check rotary valve tank for oil and secure cap ra.gif (374 bytes) 10 check for rotary valve oil contamination
11 check oil hoses on rotary valve and oil injection system for security, leaks and chafing ra.gif (374 bytes) 11 check injection oil tank level
12 check ignition coils/electronic boxes for secure mounting. check ignition leads and all electrical wiring for secure connections and chafing ra.gif (374 bytes) 12 check spark plug caps and spark plug tips for security
13 check electric starter for secure mounting, check cover for cracks 13
14 check engine mount rubbers and plate for security and damage 14
15 check fuel pump mounting for security. Check all fuel hose connections, filters, primer bulbs &taps for security leakage, chafing, kinks and UV deterioration 15
16 check fuel pump impulse hose for secure connection, chafing, kinks and UV deterioration 16
17 check wire locking of gear box drain and level plugs ra.gif (374 bytes) 17 visually check engine and gearbox for oil leaks
18 check rubber coupling for damage and perishing (C & E type gearbox only) ra.gif (374 bytes) 18 visually check engine and gearbox for loose or missing nuts, bolts and screws. check security of gearbox to engine mounting
19 rotate engine by hand and listen for unusual noises - double check to make sure ignitions turned OFF FIRST 19
20 check prop shaft bearing for play by rocking propeller ra.gif (374 bytes) 20 check propeller for splits and chips. If any damage, repair/rebalance or replace before use.
21 21 check security of prop mounting
22 check throttle, choke and oil pump lever cables for damage (end fittings, outer casing, and kinks) ra.gif (374 bytes) 22 check throttle, oil injection pump and choke actuation for free and full movement
23 23 check cooling fan turns when engine is rotated (air cooled engine)
24 24 check exhaust for cracks, security of mounting, springs and hooks for breakage and wear, check wire locking or springs
25 25 start engine after ensuring area clear of bystanders
26 26 single ignition engines - check operation of ignition switch (flick ignition off and on again at idling)
27 27 dual ignition engines - check operation of both ignition circuits
28 28 check operation of all engine instruments during warm up -warm engine up to proper operating temperature before attempting flight.
29 29 if possible, visually check engine and exhaust for excessive vibration during warm up (could indicate propeller out of balance)
30 30 Check engine reaches full power rpm during take off roll

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