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Ultralight aircraft safety tips and advisories.

Articles, stories, tech tips, safety bulletins on ultralight and light sport aircraft.

Including information on Rotax engines, flight training, reduction drive selection, and propeller recommendations.

How to properly store your 912 Rotax engine.
Operating cost comparison between the Rotax 582 and Rotax 912.
Building an affordable ultralight aircraft hangar from plans.
Aileron stops or aileron locks, don't leave your plane without them.
Charlie Russell flying his Kolb in Russia doing bear research
When do mid air collisions happen? Who do they most often happen to?
Downwind takeoffs - your going to have to do one sooner or later.
Rotax drive selection. Which is right for you and your plane?
Rotax aircraft engine pre flight check list.
Rotax aircraft engine set up.
Evaluating an ultralight kit, and an ultralight kit manufacturer.
Diagnosing hard starting problems on your Rotax and other aircraft engines.
Painting your ultralight with latex house paint.
Painting your prop tips to make them more visible to onlookers.
Prop balancing, the how's and why's.
Propeller repair when, when not to, and how.
Propeller protection, or how not to have a collection of wall clocks.
How to properly reading your spark plugs.
Resistor caps and resistor plugs, things you should know.
Rotax carb heat a simple suggestion
Building a Rotax free air scoop.
Rotax aircraft engine and gear box propeller recommendations
A cheap fuel transfer system that works.
Spark plugs, how they work.
Lazair and Falcon Tedlar covering tips
Tie downs, a couple of simple suggestions.
Proper torque specs for your Rotax engine.
Two cycle engine oils, there are major differences you should know about.
Ultralight flight schools, things you should look for in a school.
Ultralight propeller comparisons on an Aerolite 103.
Water in your fuel, what it can do, and what you should do.
Wooden propeller bolts, when should you check them.

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