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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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When was the last time you did maintenance on your K & N Airfilter? Is you filter safety wired? Click here to see how to clean and safety wire your airfilter!

K & N Air Filters for amateur built, experimental and ultralight aircraft.
These reusable airfilters have been produced specifically for Rotax ultralight andOffset K&N Air Filter homebuilt engines. They have provisions for safety wire and Rotax is embossed on the side cover. They have a high air flow and can be cleaned and re-oiled, and reused when dirty.

K & N 825 711
Offset airfilter used on Rotax 912 engines

Offset air filter can be used on Rotax 912

K &N SP 2704 
K & N Cone Filter
This single tapered air filter fits all of the Bing 54 carburetors, used on the Rotax 277/377/447/503/532/582/618/912 series aircraft engines.

Conical air filter for Rotax Bing 54 carb
Dual Air FiltersDual Air Filters This dual airfilter is designed to fit the Bing 54 carburetor used on the Rotax 503. Its slim design allows for applications where room is a problem.
K & N SP 2705
Dual air filter for Rotax 503  Bing 54 twin carb engines
K & N SP 2703 Dual Air Filters

This dual airfilter is designed to fit the Bing 54 carburetor used on the Rotax 532/582/618. Its slim design allows for application where room is a problem.

Dual air filter for Rotax twin carb 532/582/618engines

K & N Airfilter for Rotax Air Silencer CMO 300
For Rotax Air Box silencer
K & N Air Filter Service Kit 99-5050 

Click to enlargepadK&N Filter Oil & Cleaner

K&N filters come pre-oiled but when it's time to clean them, you'll need both the cleaner and the oil. Simply spray the cleaner on and rinse with water. Once the filter is dry, spray the oil and reinstall. Filters and cleaning package come with complete instructions. The K&N Re-charger kit contains a 12oz. Cleaner and 6.5 oz. Filter Oil.

K & N air filter service kit $30.50


K & N Air Filter Service Instructions

  1. Tap the element to dislodge any large embedded dirt, then gently brush it a soft bristle brush.
  2. Spray K & N Air filter cleaner liberally onto the entire element and let filter soak for about 10 minutes.Clean 1
  3. Rinse off the element with low pressure water. Tap water is OK. Always flush from the clean side to the dirty side. This removes the dirt and does not drive it into the filter.


Use only K & N air filter cleaner! Clean 2
Do Not use gasoline!
Do Not steam clean!


Do Not use caustic leaning solutions!
Do Not use strong detergents!
Do Not use high pressure car wash!
Do Not use parts cleaning solvents!

Clean 3

The use of any of the above can cause harm to the COTTON filter media,
plus shrink and harden the rubber end caps.

  1. Always dry naturally. After rinsing , shake off all excess water and let the element dry naturally.

Do Not use compressed air
Do Not use open flame
Do Not use heat dryers

Excess heat will shrink the cotton filter media. While compressed air will blow holes in the element.

  1. After cleaning air filter always re-oil before using. If using K&N aerosol - spray oil down into each pleat with one pass per pleat. WAIT 10 minutes and re-oil any white spots still showing.


If using K&N squeeze bottle - squeeze K&N air filter oil down into the bottom and along each pleat - only one pass per pleat. Let oil wick into cotton for 20 minutes. Re-oil any white spots still showing.

  1. Reinstall your K&N airfilter element. Make sure that clamp is tight and airfilter is safety wired.


Never use a K&N air filter without oil. (The filter will not stop the dirt without the oil.) Use only K&N formulated air filter oil.

K&N air filter oil is a compound of mineral and animal oil blended with special polymers to form a very efficient tack barrier. Red dye is added to show just where you have applied the oil. Eventually the red color will fade but the oil will remain and will filter the air.

Safety Wire

Never Use automatic transmission fluid!
Never Use motor oil!
Never Use diesel fuel!
Never Use WD-40, LPS, or other light weight oils!

Performance Hints

Service airfilter every 6 months or 50 hours of airtime - more frequently in dirty conditions.

The K&N airfilter designed for AIRCRAFT applications has a tab on it that allows the filter(s) to be safety wired to the carburetor.

K & N air filter cover - protect your filter from the elements!
Ultralight News K & N Air filter advisory
Rotax Airfilter advisory in PDF format

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