Carb heat, carb heater for a Rotax engines, carb heat for Rotax engines uses on ultralight and light sport aircraft.

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A simple system for supplying  carb heat to a Rotax engine.

Otto Frohlich from Germany sent in these two photos. Since Otto n I can only communicate thru a computer translation program, naturally our exchange of words is somewhat limited.

 This being the case, I am commenting on what I can surmise from the photos.


Rotax carb heat 1

Otto added a carburetor heat system to his CH-7 Angel. Above you can see how his system recovers heat/warm air from the 582's exhaust system. Below you see how it is added to the air cleaner.


Rotax carb heater.

What is not obvious in the photos is if  the heated air is permanently added or if there is some  way to stop the heated and un filtered flow from entering the air filter?
Also it looks like Otto has a temperature or perhaps a humidity probe mounted in the air cleaner. I would suspect it is a temp probe.....
I was stationed in Germany during my days in the US Army (Fligerhorst near Frankfurt AM, 1970/71) I can remember many cold and damp days when carb heat would be a must.


A simple way of redirecting the air would be to install a "dryer duct control. These are used in cloths dryers for directly air outside or inside.

The unit used to capture the air is available from most ultralight aircraft supply depots. The Leaf catalogue lists one used for heating the cabin (which I do NOT recommend) but for carb heat as shown above should work - as long as you can open and close the valve when needed.


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