Fuel transferring siphoning hose for transferring fuel to your ultralight aircraft fuel tank.

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Siphoning hose for transferring fuel to your ultralight aircraft fuel tank.

The L'il Buzzard's design is the result of many years of flying in a variety of different aircraft.

The fuel tanks are placed in the wings for a number of reasons.

  1. it allows the use of a simple fuel site gauge, so pilots only have to glance over at the gauge to see how much fuel they have remaining.
  2. with the tanks in the wings no fuel is spilled down into the cabin while refueling.
  3. with the tanks in the wings, instead of in the cabin, the smell of fuel venting or from overfilling is eliminated.

But the problem now is how to get the fuel into the tanks without spilling it all over the wings.

A number of years ago I came across a fellow from "down under" at Sun N Fun. He was selling and demonstrating a "self starting" siphoning hose.

To start the siphoning action all you do is insert the end of the hose that has a one way check valve in it, into the tank that you want to siphon from, insert the other end into the tank you want to siphon to - move the check valve end of the hose up and down a couple of times in a rapid motion, and the hose automatically starts to siphon.

The hose length is 6' with an inner diameter of " and can be used on any chemical that does not attack the plastic of the hose. It is easy to use and you will probably want to get several: one for your ultralight and one for the shop or garage. It is ideal for use around the farm and can be used with gas, oil, diesel, solvents, etc.

Super Siphon Demo

Siphon hose unit $19.50




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