Ultralight aircraft skis, ultralight aircraft wheel ski's, ultralight aircraft retractable wheel skis.

Retractable aircraft wheel skis

With these skis, you will be able to land almost anywhere. Take off from a clean paved runway and lower skis to land on deep snowed field.


It can also makes it easy to take your plane out of the hangar; with a flip of a switch, raise the skis, roll the plane out into the snow and lower the skis back.
You are now ready to take off.

The mechanism is strong enough the be activate when you are in your plane. You just landed back on your clean paved runway, but the taxi way is not clean, drop the skis and, you are ready to go up to your hangar.

Set of 3 skis

Ultralight aircraft wheel skis.

Retractable ultralight aircraft wheel skis

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