Quad City Challenger light sport aircraft door latch, Quad City Challenger ultralight aircraft door latches, aircraft door latch system for Challenger light sport aircraft.


Quad City Challenger door latch system.

In winter, one of the Challenger heating problems, is the fact that the doors open slightly when flying.

The bungee tries to hold the doors in the middle, but the back of it opens enough to have a breeze in the cockpit letting the warm air escape.

Another problem with that bungee, it needs a hook and that hook catches clothes and hurts people that get into the back.

We found a nicer way to do it. A strapping system that holds the door to the doorframe. Two straps with Velcro are glued and riveted to the front and the rear of each door, and the other parts of Velcro to the frame.Quad City Challenger door latch system.

That way both ends of the door are secure, and the straps will not stretch keeping the door tightly closed. Removing the unnecessary bungee hooks and its front plastic latches is certainly a fine way to improve the look of the interior of your plane.

To close the door, just pull on the straps and roll it down on the frame tube, over the Velcro. The system holds your door so strongly that we had to have a way of opening the door from outside. A piece of line attached to the strap passed through a small hole in the Lexan just over the strap is just what we needed to pull the two straps from outside to open the door.

As a bonus, in summer, when needed, you can slightly keep doors open by loosely attaching the straps. One inch on each door will do nice ventilation inside the cockpit. It is simple and it works.

Challenger Door Latch Model: DLSY

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