Challenger light sport aircraft seat cushions, Challenger ultralight aircraft seats and seat cushions.

Quad City Challenger custom seat cushions.

Front and rear seats and seat cushions for single and two place Quad City Challenger ultralight and light sport aircraft.

4" Mirabel Deluxe Challenger Seat Cushions
  • Made from 100% Olefin, a fire resistant and abrasive resistant aviation fabric, these seat cushions, with there sculptured surfaces, will give a classic look to your plane. The high quality foam used in this cushion will improve you r comfort aboard, an ideal advantage for the traveler pilot. We warranty this foam for a period of ten years against deformation and support
  • We can provide, on request, 2" replacement high quality foam for the original seat cushions
Mirabel Deluxe Challenger Seat Cushion  
MIRB  back seat cushion  
MIRF front seat cushion  


Made from the same aviation seat fabric, the side panels completes your aircraft interior. Vinyl inserts at strategic points protects from rubbing feet at pedals and bottom door rails.
Challenger Side PanelsFRONT SEAT

In front, a useful addition of pockets puts maps and small gears at your access. Pockets close with a zipper for safety

Challenger side panels.REAR SEAT
At rear, one large pocket for all kinds of usable goods. Side panels are attached with Velcro, just outside, close to bottom door rail. A special method hides velcro parts from outside view.

To cut out all custom controls knobs and levers, just use Exacto knife for vinyl or an hot knife for fabric. Time for installing side panel is question of minutes. Just apply high tactile velcro to door rail and attach side panel to it.



NOTE: When ordering, please specify high door rail or low door rail.

Challenger  Deluxe seat side panels  

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