Challenger aircraft instrument panel, pre-wired Challenger aircraft instrument panels, Quad City Challenger aircraft instrument panels.


Quad City Challenger aircraft instrument panels.

Electrical system -
The electrical system on your plane is very important. Quite simple on ultra-light, it can become complicated as you add avionics and equipment. You should be very aware of the importance of the work done in your airplane.

Quad City Challenger Pre-wired Instrumenta Panel

Quad City Challenger Instrument Panel

Wrongly wired an airplane can be a fire hazard and the worst thing can happen in the air. We can help you in different ways in the process of wiring your airplane.

Our harness comes complete with "Tefzel" aviation wire. We use #16 wire for heavy current lines and #18 wire for instrumentation and control lines. Each end of the harness is completed with weather proof plugs. These plugs lock firmly together and support the loose end of the harness. Plug's pins are removable allowing for future changes. Two size of pins are available, for #16 and #18 wire. The harness come pre-bent and contains all the necessary wiring for a fully equipped Challenger.

Relays panel
We have designed a relay panel to attach all relays, starter solenoid and regulator. The panel is riveted directly over the battery box on the right side behind the instruments panel. Relays are a must, they are needed to cut all power in your plane when master switch is turned off.

Instruments panel
We design, cut, assemble and wire to your specifications the instrument panel. In the process, we send to our customer a drawing full scale for approval. Our instrument panel comes complete with matching plugs and our ingenious easy removable shock mount system that allows removal of the panel in a matter of minutes.

NO longer available

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