Challenger aircraft landing gear, Quad City Challenger aircraft fiberglass landing gear, fibreglass landing gear for Quad City Challenger ultralight aircraft.


Quad City Challenger Bill Volcko Nose Gear Strut.


This is a very efficient system to complement the fiberglass gear legs suspension.

Bill Volcko wrote:

Are you tired of bending fork, tubing and breaking rivets that are almost impossible to get to?

Then this is your answer!

This is a complete replacement nose gear assembly that was designed to directly replace the factory gear on a single or two place Challenger ultra-light aircraft with no modification to the airframe what so ever. It is made from precision machined 4130 chomoly steel using aircraft AN hardware, TIG and MIG welded together.
This is not a some cheesy valve spring tossed into a nose gear and called suspension! This design was inspired by high performance racing shocks and certified nose gears. It has a full two inches travel that is one inch above normal height extended and one inch below when compressed. It uses a gas spring to support the weight of the aircraft and absorb shock loads and rebound damping to let you take some of the bumpiest runways without jarring your fillings and rivet loose. At present every Challenger in my local EAA chapter is using this design and are absolutely delighted with its performance.
Stop continuously buying forks, tubes, gussets and rivets and be prepare to taxi faster and smoother than you ever thought.

Bill Volcko

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