Bing 54 carburetor service - shop supplies, tools and service procedure.

Servicing the Bing 54 carburetor shop supplies, tools and service procedure.

Shop Supplies
Carb cleaner
Rubber gloves
Safety goggles 
WD 40 - a great cleaner, that evaporates quickly, leaves no residue, and can act as a compressor for blowing things out of the carb passages.
Compressed air

Bing 54 carburetor Service - Tools Required.

Bing 54 Carburetor Service - Tools Required.

Small blade screw driver - comes with Rotax tool kit!
Cleaning brush
Small adjustable wrench
Small drift

Bing 54 Carburetor Service Procedure.

Servicing the Bing 54 carburetor shop supplies, tools and service procedure.

If you have an engine with dual carbs - it is suggested you do one carb at a time, so that you can use the other for reference if needed or you can refer to the parts guide.

Click here for tips on remove the spring, white plastic cup, needle and clip!

Remove the cover plate (9)  and piston assembly (3) from the carb body.  To separate the piston assembly from the cable, grasp the cover plate in the palm of your left hand, grab the spring with your extended fingers and compress the spring. Now with the spring compressed, used the needle to push the spring cup up,  push down on the throttle cable until it is free of the piston, move it sideways and it will come free of the piston, release pressure and the unit will come apart.  

Note the clip (5) and needle (4) are located BELOW the Spring cup (6).

Inspect the rubber grommet (13) for signs of cracking, A cracked grommet will allow water to run down the cable into the float bowl. 

Click here for more information

Inspect the piston for wear in the area where the idle adjustment screw rides.
Inspect your needle and clip for wear - check if you have the updated clip, spring cup and rubber washer. 

Click here for more information.

Inspect the rubber sealing ring (8) for damage.
If you have an older carb check to see if the cable has been wearing on the adjuster screw (12).
On older carbs the cover plate (9) could be put on incorrectly - with the hole offset, which would damage the throttle cable.
New carbs have pins so that the cover can only be installed one way. 

Servicing the Bing 54 carburetor shop supplies, tools and service procedure.

Unscrew the Idle Air Mix Screw and remove the  O ring around the head of the screw. 
Next  remove the Idle Adjusting screw and spring.  Inspect the screw for wear.
On newer carbs remove the single vent tube, on older carbs remove the two vent tubes.

To remove the float bowl pry back on the Spring Clip (26) and pry down on the bowl. 

In some cases where the engine has been improperly stored, corrosion will have formed in the bowl and it may be necessary to gently tap the bowl with a plastic hammer.

Remove the float bowl gasket (24). 
Remove the two floats (21). 
Remove the Sieve Sleeve (18) from around the main jet post.

Unscrew the Main Jet from  the Mixing Tube, Unscrew the Mixing Tube.  Remove the Needle Jet. Located just beside the main jet is a cavity where the Idle Jet is located unscrew it (this requires the use of a small screw driver).  
Too large of a screw driver will DAMAGE the jet! The screw driver in the Rotax tool kit is ideal for this.

Needle valve.  
In order to remove the  Needle Valve (19), Needle Clip (20),  and Float Bracket (22) we first need to remove the Float Arm, we must remove the Hinge Pin that holds the Float Bracket in place.

The Hinge Pin is smooth at one end, and knurled at the other. The knurled end holds the pin in place.  Using a hammer and small drift, drive the pin out from the non knurled end of the pin.   A light tap on the opposite end should dislodge the knurled end of the pin, and free it.  Once free, slide it out of the carb.  With the pin removed, remove the  brass Float Bracket (22), and  then the spring clip and Float Needle (19/20).  

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