Bing 54 carburetor jetting, Bing 54 carburetor jet chart for Rotax aircraft engines.

Bing 54 carburetors jet chart.

Recommended Jetting for Bing Carburetors used on Rotax two stroke aircraft engines.
The following is the factory recommended jet for Bing carburetors at sea level and 70F degrees.Apply the Bing Main Jet Correction Chart shown at the bottom of the page to compensate for temperature and altitude at your location. Jetting for engines equipped with intake silencers are also listed.

Bing 54 carburetors jet chart for Rotax aircraft engines without intake silencer.

Bing 54 Carburetors Jet Chart For Rotax Aircraft Engines Without Intake Silencer.

Bing 54 carburetors jet chart for Rotax Engines with Intake Silencer Kit

Bing 54 Carburetors Jet Chart For Rotax Engines With Intake Silencer Kit

Bing Main Jet Correction Chart

How to Use the Bing Main Jet Correction Chart

Step #1 - Assume Nothing!!! (ASSUME-makes an ASS out of U and ME) -Disassemble and check your carburetor(s) to verify the recommended jetting listed in the recommended Bing jetting chart is installed in your Carb(s). This is the most up to date information available at the time of this publication.
Step #2 - Because air density varies with temperature and altitude changes, a main jet correction may be necessary. This chart was calculated at sea level with an air temperature of 60F or 15C.
Step #3 - Apply the multiplication factor shown to the main jet size recommended in the chart at the top of the page.
Step #4 - Your operating conditions will vary by the change of seasons. If your EGT T temps vary and your engine experiences performance difficulties, a review of your jetting may be necessary. Return to step #2.
Step #5 - Humidity is also a variable in determining air density. A high humidity means a lower air density of air to be consumed by combustion. Because we are generally not equipped with a way of easily reading the % of humidity present, this can be read in to this chart by adding altitude on high humidity days and subtracting altitude on in very dry climates. 

An EGT gauge should illustrate changes in these conditions under lull throttle readings.

Main Jet Correction Chart
Example: 160 x 0.89= 142 Main Jet          

Bing Main Jet Correction Chart

Bing Main Jet Correction Chart

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