BRS Ballistic Parachute System, BRS 5, BRS ballistic recover system canister mount for ballistic parachutes.

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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Safety First: Free Dual Magnum strobe light with purchase of BRS parachute!!!


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Quicksilver BRS canister mount. Quicksilver axle mounted BRS ballistic recovery system.
Attention: All BRS parachutes are special order items. Once an order has been placed it can not be cancelled or returned.

BRS-5 Major Functional Improvements:

(For Canisters and VLS systems)

1. Virtually Waterproof
2. UV Protected 
3. More Versatile Mounting
4. Improved Activating Housing and Handle 
5. Thoroughly Tested, BRS - Patented Parachute Technology

Safety First - FREE Magnum Dual Strobe light with purchase of BRS parachute.

BRS canister mounted parachute sizes a prices  


Deployment Speed



L x W x D

600 Canister

600 lbs. 272 kg

138 mph /
222 km/h

6 yrs

22lbs /
10 kg

18 x 7 round



FREE Single strobe light with purchase of  600 lbs Canister BRS parachute!

800 Canister

800 lbs / 363 kg

138 mph /
222 km/h

6 yrs

23 lbs / 11 kg

21.5 x 7
(or 8) round



FREE Double Magnum strobe light with purchase of  1050 lbs. BRS parachute!

1050 Canister

1050 lbs / 475 kg

138 mph /
222 km/h

6 yrs

28 lbs / 13 kg

21.5 x 7
(or 8) round



FREE Double Magnum strobe light $228.00 value with purchase of BRS parachute! ( Does NOT include delivery or taxes on strobe light where applicable!)

With the BRS parachutes, most bridles and additional parts are included in the retail price.
However, there are still a small number of units that require additional parts that are not included in prices.
      Bridles     Custom Parts     Custom Container     Model     Other Information
Airborne Edge X (Executive) or RedBack- ALL MODELS           $138.00 Mounting Bracket                  
Buggy     $47.75                 Canister or Softpack      
CH - 701     $75.00                        
DrifterSB     $47.75                        
Edge 503S Trike           $48 (rails/saddle modification)                  
Edge Executive Trike           $48 (rails/saddle modification)                  
Firefly           $27 (rails)     $75.00     Softpack      
Firestar           $27 (rails)     $75.00     Softpack(Custom)      
FP 202, FP 404, FP 606 & FP Avenger     $75.00                        
Fun Racer Trike     $47.75                        
GT Trikes     $47.75                        
GTE Trikes     $47.75                        
GT 400           $30 (pedistal & bracket)                  
GTE Clipper     $47.75                 Softpack & Twin Canister      
Horizon II     $75.00                        
Li'l Buzzard     $35 (Nylon)                        
Merlin     $75.00                        
Millennium                 $75.00     Softpack      
MiniMax Model 1100 Softpack                 $75.00            
Mitchell Wing     $75.00                        
Parasol                 $75.00     Softpack      
S-6 Coyote II, S-7, S-9 Chaos & S-10 Sakota     $35 (Nylon)                        
SXII Racer Trike     $47.75                        
Important note:
All orders require payment in advance to BRS before the order will be scheduled for production, this can be done by the use of VISA,  Mastercard, or certified check. all orders are considered special orders, no refund or cancellation once order production is started.
  1. Trikepack is a NON-pressure-packed softpack system intended for gear-leg mount
    on many trikes.
  2. Softpack HD (HD = High Density) units are systems built with a fabric exterior container, like other softpack models, BUT which are pressure packed (unlike other softpack models, which are NOT pressure packed).
  3. 1500 Softpack HD sold direct from factory only.
  4. Repack cycles assume excellent care by the owner; some climates demand weight inspection earlier; 6 years ONLY if seal intact.
  5. Years between CANOPY repacks. NOTE: 6-year repack for softpacks ASSUMES unit is mounted internally and not exposed to ANY wind or weather! Exterior softpacks need annual repack.
  6. Current rocket motors have a 12-year life until replacement is needed. SOME ROCKET ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED UNDER U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING REGULATIONS.
  7. All weights are AVERAGE figures. Systems vary slightly depending on exact mounting hardware included.
  8. All figures shown are in inches. "Round" numbers relate to the cylindrical canister.
  9. Shipping within US is $115.00 per unit - Collect.

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