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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Vertical Launch BRS ballistic recovery system mounted above wing of aircraft.
Vertical Launch BRS ballistic recovery system mounted above wing of aircraft.

Ballistic Recovery System parachute aircraft mounting list.

Aero-Lite 103 - Aero Works
Aerotrike Spirit 2 - Rainbow Aircraft LTD
Airbike - TEAM
Airbike Tandem (2 PLACE) - TEAM
Airbike, RX-40 - TEAM
Arctic Fun Racer Trike ( Single Place) - Arctic Sparrow
Avenger - Avenger Aircraft
Avenger, Fisher Aero - Fisher Aero
Aventura II - Arnet Pereyra
Aventura (single) - Arnet Pereyra
Avid Amphibian - Avid Flyer
Avid Flyer - Avid Flyer
B1-RD - Robertson
Bearcat - Aerolight
Beaver RX35 - Beaver RX Enterprises Ltd.
Beaver RX550 - ASAP
Bobcat, Supercat - Bowdler Aviation Inc.
Buccaneer II - Advanced Aviation
Buccaneer, SX - Advanced Aviation
Buccaneer, XA - Keuthan Aircraft
Bushmaster - Snow Bird Aviation
Capella (single place) - Flight Works
Capella (Two place) - Flight Works
Carrera - Advance Aviation
CH-701 - Zenair
Challenger - Quad City Ultralights
Challenger II - Quad City Ultralights
Chicken Ox - Dynali/Belgain
Chinook (Landing Gear Mount) - Canadian UL Mfg.
Classic - Fisher Flying Products
Clipper, GTE with baggage compartment. - Air Creation
Cloud Dancer - U S Aviation
Cobra - Advanced Aviation
Concept Aviation Trike - Concept Aviation
Condor - Condor Aviation
Cosmos Phase II - Cosmos
Cub, LM-1A - Miniature Light Aircraft
Cumulus - US Aviation
Dragon - Dragon Light Ent.
Dragonfly Tug - Bailey Moyes
Drifter, LO-N-SLO (signature series) - Maxair
Drifter, Mu277 (single) - Maxair
Drifter, Mu532 (two place kingpost mount) - Maxair
Eagle - American Aerolights
Edge 503S Trike - Airborne
Edge Executive Trike - Airborne
Excalibur - Excalibur Aircraft
Explorer - Advanced Aviation
Falcon - American Aerolights
Firefly - Kolb Aircraft
Firestar I & II - Kolb Aircraft
Flightstar - Flightstar Int.
Flightstar II - Flightstar Int.
Flitplane - Racair
Flyer GT - Flyer Industria
FP 202 - Fisher Flying Products
FP 202 - Fisher Flying Products
FP 404 (Softpack) - Fisher Flying Products
FP 606 - Fisher Flying Products
Freebird - Freebird
Genesis - Group Genesis
Graffiti Trike - Leaf/ Sergy
GT Trike ( Fun GT, Mild GT, XP GT ) Two place - Air Creation
GT-400 - Quicksilver Enterprises
GT-500 - Quicksilver Enterprises
GTE Trike (without baggage compartment) - Air Creation
Hawk - CGS
Hawk II - CGS
Hi Max, Hi-Max, 1700R (Belly Mount) - Team Inc.
Hornet - U.S. Light Aircraft Corp.
Hummer - Hummer Aircraft
Hurricane - Hy-Tek
Hyperlight - Sorrell
Jet Wing Trike - Flight Design
King Cobra - Advance Aviation
Kitfox 2,3,XL (NOT Kitfox 4) - Skystar (formerly Denney Aerocraft)
Kitfox IV - Skystar (formerly Denney Aerocraft)
Kitfox V - Skystar (formerly Denney Aerocraft)
Kitten, J3 - Hipp's Super Birds
Kolb Flyer - Kolb
KR-2 - Rand-Robinson
KX, KXP - Kolb
Lazair - Ultraflight
Lil' Buzzard - Buzzman Aviation
Loehle 5151 and P-40 - Loehle
Meadowlark - Meadowlark Aircraft
Merlin - Merlin Aircraft
MiniMax MAX 103 - Team Inc.
MiniMax Model 1100 - Team Inc.
MiniMax Model 1500 - Team Inc.
Mirage - Mirage Aircraft
Mistral - Aviasud, France
Mitchell Wing A-10 - Mitchell Wing (A10)
Mitchell Wing B-10 - Mitchell Wing
Mitchell Wing T-10 - Mitchell Wing
Mono Fly - Mono Fly
Mountaineer Trike - Wing Sails by Gunnar
MX II, Sprint II, Sport II, MXL II - Quicksilver Enterprises
MX, MXL, Sport, Sprint - Quicksilver Enterprises
Nieuport 11 - Circa Reproductions (LEAF)
Nomad - Nomad Aircraft
P-38 - Mitchell
Panther II Plus -
Pegasus Trike - Pegasus Microlight Aircraft (TEAM)
Phantom - Phantom Sport Airplane Corp.
Phantom 2 - Phantom Sport Airplane Corp.
Phantom X2 - Phantom Sport Airplane Corp.
Phoenix - Tube Works
Pipistrel Trike - ?
Pterodactyl - Beagle
Pup, N3 - Preceptor (formerly Mosler Motors)
Racer Trike ( Fun Racer, SXII Racer ,SX2 ) Single Place - Air Creation
Rally 2B - Rotec
Rapier Trike - Mainair Sports LTD
Reliant - Hipps
Renegade - Murphy
Russia Mechta Glider - Mechta Glider
S-11 Pursuit - Rans
S-12 - Rans
S-12 XL - Rans
S-14 - Rans
S-4,S-5 Coyote - Rans
S-6 Coyote II - Rans
S-7 - Rans
S-9 Chaos, S-10 Sakota - Rans
Sabre I - Keuthan
Sabre Trike (NOT landing gear mount) - Sabre Aircraft Co.
Safari, Quartz - Aircreation
Sandpiper - Sandpiper Aircraft
Sea-Rey - Progressive Aerodyne
Silent Trike - Helmut ?
Sirocco - Aviasud, France
Skylite - Racair
Slingshot - Kolb Aircraft
Sparrow - Carlson Aircraft
Spitfire - Air Magic Ultralight
Spitfire II - Air Magic Ultralight
Sport 1000 - Quicksilver/ SMLA
Starflight XC - Starflight Aircraft
Sunseeker -
Super Floater - US Aviation
Super Koala - Fisher Flying Prod.
Super Pup, Ultra Pup - Preceptor (formerly Mosler Motors)
T-Bird II (Side by Side) - Golden Circle (TBIRD)
T-Bird Single - Golden Circle
T-Bird, T-1 (Low Mount) - Golden Circle (formerly Teratorn)
T-Bird, Tandem - Golden Circle
TA - Teratorn
Talon - Sport Flight Aviation
Talon Magnum (single place) - Sport Flight Aviation
Talon Super Magnum (single place) - Sport Flight Aviation
Talon XP (2 place) - Sport Flight Aviation
Teman - Teman
Tempest - Bailey-Moyes
Thruster - Thruster Aircraft
Thundergull (single place) - Earthstar
Thundergull (Two Place) - Earthstar
Tierra Single - Teratorn
Tornado (single) - Titan Aircraft
Tornado 103, Sport - Titan Aircraft
Tornado II - Titan Aircraft
Tubular one - Tube One
Tukan Trike - Kemmeries Aviation
Tundra - Laron Aviation Technologies
Tundra Trike (single) - Arctic Sparrow
Tundra Trike, (2 place) - Arctic Sparrow
Twinstar MKII (Boom mount) - Kolb
Ultrastar - Kolb
Vector - Aerodyne Systems
Weedhopper, Weedhopper II - Weedhopper
Windlass Trike - ?
Wizard - Ultralight Soaring
Wren - Wren Aviation
Z-Gull Trike - Z-Gull
Zephyr (Landing gear mount) - Advanced Aviation
Zipper AG7 - Zenair

If the aircraft in question is NOT on this list, please contact us and we will contact the factory for a solution. 

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