Bing 54 carburetor, Bing 54 carb disassembly, tips for removing spring and plastic cup on Bing 54 carb used on Rotax engines.

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Bing 54 carb disassembly

Getting at your needle and clip to check it can be very frustrating - here are a couple of tips to help.

Remove the carb cover, take the spring and turn it,  unthreading it from around the throttle cable.

Be very careful that you do not catch the spring on the cable - this will fray the cable and require that it be replaced! With the spring removed, remove the white cup, push down to unhook the throttle cable, and you now have access to the needle and clip.

Reverse the process for reassembly.

Another procedure that you can use:

1.  Make sure your throttle lever is at idle - so that you have the most amount of cable available to work with.
2.  Hold the top carb cover plate in your hand with the throttle cable between your fingers.
3.  Using your other hand pull  the spring  back until it is full compressed.
4. Push the throttle cable in, turn the slide upside down and push on the needle, this will dislodge the white cup, now slide the cable sideways out of it's retaining hole into the hole on the side of the carb slide, the unit will now come apart.

ATTENTION: the needle and clip go BELOW the white plastic retaining cup
NOT above it!!!!!!!

Reassembly - make sure to install your needle and clip BEFORE you proceed!
1.  Compress the spring using both hands, when fully compressed reach around the spring and plastic cup and pinch the throttle cable with thumb and index finger.
2.  With the piston in the opposite hand, insert the end of the cable through the elongated slot in the bottom of the piston and slide the cable toward the center of the piston.
3.  Seat the cable end into the bottom of the carb piston by pulling on it, hold tension on the cable, and slowly sliding the spring cup into the body of the carb. Position the plastic cup onto its guide bars and allow it to slide to the bottom of the carb piston.

Once you master the procedure it only takes a minute to check your needle and clip.

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