Ivoprop, replacing the leading edge tape on an IVOPROP. 

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IVOPROP leading edge tape replacement.

Replacing the leading edge tape on the IVOPROP.
The first step in replacing the leading edge tape on an IVOPROP is to first remove the old tape.

Then THOROUGHLY CLEAN the blades with M.E.K. Methyl Ethyl Ketone.

Use a cloth and gloves to do this and wear hand and eye protection, as well as a breathing apparatus! 

Once you have the blades clean take a new strip of tape and remove the protective backing from it. Start up at the point of the stainless steel tape and slowly and carefully pull back to remove the tape cover.

Lay your blade on a flat table. Lay your tape on the top of the blade so that the two POINTS at each end line up with the LEADING EDGE of the blade as shown here.>>>>>>>>

Now use a round object, preferably plastic like a magic marker, slowly at first, rub across the tape in a back and forth motion. Start at the edge of the tape closest to the leading edge and work back and forth across the blade, while at the same time towards the trailing edge of the blade. REMOVE ALL of the air pockets forcing them out towards the trailing edge.

Now use you a MAGIC MARKER to CAREFULLY bend the leading edge tape over the leading edge of the prop. 

Then work the tape from the leading edge to the trailing edge, carefully and slowly, in the same manner as you did the other side.

Again you move all of the bubbles in the tape towards the trailing edge of the blade.

Once the tape is in place, fast, smooth, motions with pressure behind them will eliminate any bubbles and give you a nice clean smooth installation.

That is all there is to it!

Ivoprop stainless steel leading edge tape.
$15.00 Per blade


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