IVOPROP propeller quick adjustment instructions, how to adjust an IVOPROP.

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IVOPROP propeller adjustment  instructions

IVOPROP Quick adjust propeller adjustment  instructions

If not already installed tap the super cams until fully inserted and lock them with the screw supplied.

Torque to 30 inch x lbs. Secure cam screw with red Loctite (#271), when applying Loctite; apply it also on the square of torsional rod to protect it from rust.

Torque on the mounting bolts: 200-inch x lbs.

The only time you need to lock the screw adjuster with lock nut is when you pitch the prop between the neutral and two turns pitch decrease, in all other pitch setting screw adjuster stays where you leave it without a jam nut.

It takes 5.5 turns of the screw adjustor each way to go through full pitch range.

Put safety wire through the hole in the screw adjuster to stop the jam nut from falling off and in to the prop in case it would loosen up.

Use only the hardware supplied with the prop, never drill or modify the bolt holes in the blades.  Maintain the 200 inch x lbs. Torque on the mounting bolts.

If you are not using super cams, screw the cam screw in the torsional rod and secure it with red Loctite, to keep water from getting into the torsional rod and putting the prop out of balance.

Make sure that there is at least 5" of clearance between the blade tips and trailing edge of the wing, radiator, rudder or whatever because the blades are designed to flex back and forth more than wooden blades.

Do not slide your fingers along the trailing or leading edge of the blade(s) the fibers may piers your skin.

If you wish to increase top speed or decrease cruse RPM, switch to a 2-blade prop or cut the 3-blade prop to smaller diameter using a hack saw. As long as you cut the same length piece from each blade, the prop will remain in balance.

Do not cut prop to less than 48" in diameter.

When switching from 3 to 2 blade configuration, increase the pitch about 4 degrees.

Rotax engines develop maximum horsepower around 6500 RPM. So pitch the prop accordingly.

If you are going to use other than skull cap type spinner make sure that there is at least 1/4" clearance between blades and cut outs in the spinner.

If your aircraft holds U.S. experimental air worthiness certificate you are supposed to contact the FAA FSDO before flying the aircraft, when notified the FAA inspector can determine if procedure was a major change (As defined per FAR 21.93 and listed in appendix a to a part 43) and if any additional inspections or operating limitations are needed prior to the flight.

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