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Light Sport & Ultralight Aircraft Information

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Ivoprop ultralight model, Ivoprop medium model, Ivoprop Magnum.

The IVOPROP was the first ground adjustable and in-flight adjustable propeller developed specifically for ultralight and light sport aircraft applications.

Today you will find the IVOPROP being offered as standard equipment by most of the major lightsport and ultralight aircraft manufacturers.

How I met IVO Zdarsky
The story behind the IVOPROP

IVOPROP  Ultralight propeller  - Quick adjust

The IVOPROP operates on a COMPLETELY NEW AND UNIQUE adjustable pitch system that allows for substantially less hardware and rotating mass than any other ground pitch adjustable prop.
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IVOPROP Ultralight propeller Electric In - Flight

The ability to change the pitch in flight is as significant for the airplane pilot as for the driver of a car to shift gears in the transmission. This results in substantial savings in fuel, engine wear and noise.
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IVOPROP Medium Propeller - Quick adjust

Adjust the pitch on the ground in a matter of seconds by turning the screw adjustor in the center of the prop. Ideal for engines around 100 hp or high ratio gearboxes  30"-90" pitch range diameter.

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IVOPROP Medium propeller Electric In - Flight

Mounts directly to any Rotax gear box, "B", "C" models or Lycoming.  Can be adapted to other engines. Ground adjustable prop can be converted to the In flight Adjustable system by means of a retrofit kit. In-flight adjustable hub comes assembled with instructions on how to use it. 
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IVOPROP propeller Magnum Quick adjust

The unique pitch adjustment design operates on the principle of twisting the blades through the chrome-moly alloy steel torsional rod cast inside the blade.
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IVOPROP propeller Magnum Electric In - Flight

Pilot controls the pitch through the toggle switch mounted in the cockpit. Pressing the toggle switch one way sends electric current through the graphite brushes to the slip rings and finally to the electric motor.
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IVOPROP Magnum Airboat Paddle  Propeller  
For engines up to 700 hp   30"- 90" or 45" to 105" pitch range  
58"-84" diameter 

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How to install new leading edge tape.
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Ivoprop ultralight model, Ivoprop medium model, Ivoprop Magnum.
Ivoprop service bulletin 1
Ivoprop service bulletin 2
Ivoprop inflight prop governor
Ivoprop Leading edge protection installation
Ivoprop quick adjustment instructions

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