Strobe lights, self contained strobe lights for ultralights and light sport aircraft.

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Self contained single strobe light SC 103

This new strobe light has been designed specifically for ultralight use where an external 12 VDC source (battery) is available.

Strobe lights, self contained strobe lights for ultralights and ultralight aircraft.Its physical size is the smallest of any self-contained unit in its class, 2 1/2" in diameter at the base and 4" tall.

It is equipped with a round 360 degree Fresnel lens. The brightness has been actual flight tested prior to sunset, not in the dark, and it is visible at 3 statute miles (FAR 103 requirement).

Flash rate is 42 per minute in a single flash pattern.
Power consumption is 500 ma,
Weight is 7.5 oz.

The "SC 103" comes with a stainless steel mounting tab attached. This ruggedly constructed light is excellent as a stand alone unit or even better as a tail mounted third light when using the DOUBLE DUAL MAGNUM 12 VDC system on the wing tips.

Self-Contained Strobe with CLEAR lens 
"SC 103" - $95.00 U.S.


Self-Contained Strobe with RED Lens 
"SC 103-C" - $95.00 U.S.


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