Hot box, Rotax and Hirth engine electrical junction box for ultralight aircraft and light sport aircraft engines.

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Hot Box

This is a complete electrical system intended for use with an electric starter equipped engine. The box contains a heavy duty regulator, starter solenoid, custom length cables, labeled terminal strips, a fuse panel and many more features.

If the aircraft you are building has a battery and an electric starter, then the HOT BOX is for you. Then the task of wiring your homebuilt aircraft as simple as 1-2-3.

1.Mount the HOT BOX. Hot box, Rotax and Hirth engine electrical junction box for ultralight aircraft and light sport aircraft engines.

2. Connect color coded wires and cables to the engine, battery and starter.

3. Connect two wires from each accessory or accessory switch to the clearly labeled terminal strips.

The HOT BOX is a self-contained primary wiring system. It has everything needed to connect your starter and lighting coil equipped engine electrically with the rest of your aircraft.

  • All of these features are built in:
  • Fused top quality rectifier/regulator to charge the aircraft battery.
  • A four position auto blade type fuse block supplying three noise filtered 12 volt taps.
  • Heavy duty solenoid for the electric start.
  • A special Hobbs hour meter circuit that will only work while the engine is running.
  • Never will false time be run up because you forgot to turn off a switch.
  • A color matching wiring harness, ready to plug into the engine.
  • Colored cables, ready to connect to the starter and battery.
  • Nine pairs of labeled screw down terminals for connecting external instruments, switches and electrical equipment.

Hot Box $240.00 U.S.



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