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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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This is a L'il Hustler  - This is a bare bones kit, with NO engine, engine mount, cooling system, wheels, or brakes. It is a plane that is built, covered, ready for paint. You can add these items to your plane to get it up and flying.


All prices subject to change without notice!

40 hour airframe assembly kit $17,995  

912  Rotax 80 HP - L'il Hustler

912 - 80 HP engine 16900  
912 Exhaust 900  
To build exhaust from Rotax supplied components 650  
Rotax style 2 piece 912 engine suspension and mount       1950  
912 oil cooler kit   450  
Radiator, reservoir, overflow bottle  and mounting kit 750  

Assembly packages

To complete kit, includes installation of engine, radiator, exhaust, and field assembly  5250  
To supervise assembly of kit at L'il Hustler Ultralight Aviation (no labour or parts supplied) * 3250  
Preflight/ test flight/ final adjustments   750  
Preflight/ test fly/ final adjustments - if we have NOT done the building and assembly of the craft   1950  
*Customer is responsible for supplying two adult workers, radiator, plus all hoses, clamps, radiator tank reservoir, air filters, primer, fuel line, fuel filter etc. These items are available from L'il Hustler Ultralight Aviation.

Paint packages

To prime fuselage with 2 part epoxy 350  
To prime aircraft (using our painting system)  750  
To paint aircraft (one colour) 3,000  
To paint aircraft (two colours) 3,950  

Electronics packages

To  install electric start kit-includes wiring, starter button, battery and battery box. 500  
Heater 500  
To install heater kit-includes adapters, hose clamps, switch, wiring 150  
Dual wing tip strobe kit 450  
Single strobe light kit 350  
Strobe installation 150  

Instrument package

Standard instrument package

Airspeed, altimeter, tach, 4 EGT gauges with probes, compass, water temp, Hobbs meter, oil pressure, oil temp,  for 912  1950  
To install instrument package      750  


Extra 10 gallon wing fuel tank   775  
Clear lexan glass, windshield, doors,   450  
Tinted glass, windshield, doors,   550  
Rear tear drop windows 150  
Skylight   500  
Skylight installation 150  
3 blade Quick adjust MEDIUM IVO prop 2000  
Fiberglass wing tips   750  
Skis   1200  
Wheel Skis 1550  
Prop spinner   250  
Flaperon kit  175  
Flaperon kit installation 150  
Tundra wheels with tires and brakes  1650  
Seat belts, shoulder harnesses    350  
Seat belts ONLY 125  
Fiberglass seats and deluxe seat covers 550  
Seat adjusters    175  
BRS 1200 lbs aircraft parachute system 5500  

Float packages

Full Lotus 1650 - 15' 10 " 1650 lbs flotation
(complete with Step Anti-Compression System and spray rails)
$ 7700  
Amphib Gear  3950  
Rear spreader bar with mount kit & stiffener tubes needed to mount floats on plane.  2450  
Mount floats on aircraft     2550  
Mount Amphib gear on floats  2550  
Attention See note re float installation  


An example of L'il Hustler SS 912 - 100 HP Rotax pricing.

L'il Hustler SS Kit $17995
















912 Rotax 80 hp engine
912 exhaust
912 engine mount
912 oil cooler kit
Radiator kit
Prime fuselage
912 instrument
Fuel tank
Tinted glass
Ivoprop Medium Prop
Wing tips
Tundra tires
Seat belts and shoulder harnesses
  Total in Canadian Funds Total: $48,320
  Approximate total in U.S. funds Total: $40,200

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