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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Delivery of your aircraft: 
We can deliver your aircraft to your facilities. 
In Canada:

Cost is $1.00 per* kilometer in Canada in Canadian funds from our facilities back to our facilities!
In the United States:
$1.00 per mile* U.S. if you are in the U.S. from our facilities back to our facilities!
Payable prior to plane leaving our facilities.

*PLUS three meals a day and accommodations - these  expenses are due at delivery for the round trip, as we will not know the amounts until delivery is made.

There is a trailer loading fee of $150.00 for kits. If your plane has been test flown there is a fee of $500.00 charge for disassembly of your craft, in addition to the loading fee.

On arrival it is the owners responsibility for aircraft unloading and reassembly. The driver is NOT responsible for unloading or reassembly of the aircraft, this is a three or four man operation.

Prior to the aircraft leaving our facilities it must be fully paid for, no aircraft can be shipped unless all funds for both the aircraft and delivery have been received!

Prior to the aircraft leaving our facilities the owner must ensure the aircraft has been insured for damage, loss or destruction while in transit.

We are NOT responsible for damage, loss, theft or destruction during building, test flying, or delivery!

Float Planes

If your craft is float equipped please note charges are for float mounting NOT for float set up.

The owner is responsible for the final set up and adjustment of the floats, unless prior arrangements have been made!

If the plane has been test flown on wheels, it will now require a test flight on floats, (see pricing schedule for test flight costs).

All test flights  must be paid for prior to the test flight, and the plane MUST be insured.
We are not responsible for aircraft during any operation or test flight.

Flight Training
If you would like flight training after delivery  of your craft, arrangements must be made prior to the plane leaving. We train ALL pilots on wheels ONLY.

No float training is available UNTIL proficiency on wheels has been demonstrated.

Cost of flight training on your own craft is $100.00 Canadian per hour - with a maximum 4 hours of flight training per day. With flight training times being at the instructors discretion.

Customer is also responsible for accom0dations, and meals for the instructor.


Aircraft registration,   insurance, taxes, or any other fees associated with flying the aircraft is the owners responsibility.


The owner is responsible for obtaining insurance for his or her aircraft from the time the order is placed!

We are not responsible for the aircraft during any stage of building, or delivery for loss, fire, theft, damage etc!

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