Aircraft radio patch cords, CB radio patch cords, ICOM radio patch cords.

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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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When was the last time you did maintenance on your K & N Airfilter? Is you filter safety wired? Click here to see how to clean and safety wire your airfilter!

Aircraft radio patch cords.

Aircraft radio patch cords, CB radio patch cords, ICOM radio patch cords.

Interface cables for  

General Aviation panel mount radio interface cable                  $99.00 U.S.

Uniden C.B. radio  interface cable                                                  $99.00 U.S.  
Radio Shack C.B. radio panel mount  interface cable                   $99.00 U.S.  
Radio Shack C.B. radio hand held interface cable                         $99.00 U.S.  
Icom aircraft band radio - most models (need model I.D.)   interface cable                                                                                                    $99.00 U.S.  
Yaesu aviator pro/pilot interface cable                                         $99.00 U.S.  
King KX-99 and Sportys aircraft radios  interface cable             $99.00 U.S.  
Adapter cord used with ultra-com intercom                                 $24.00 U.S.  

Cables for use with Dual-Com intercom                                         $95.00 U.S.


Flying on a Rotax A or B gear box. Have you done changed your gear box oil and checked your preload at 100 hours? Click here for more information.

Make yourself visible to others when your flying...... Strobe lights make you visible!

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