Rotax C Gear Drive Box Parts Diagram, and Parts Number Listing

Rotax C Drive Parts Diagram 

Rotax C Drive Parts Diagram

Type 'C' Gear Reduction Drive, For Rotax 503, 582 and 618 engines.
Rated for a propeller mass moment of inertia of up to 6000 kgcm2.
Available reduction ratios: 2.62 to 1, 3.00 to 1, 3.47 to 1, 4.00 to 1

Rotax C Drive Parts Listing Numbers

Rotax C Drive Parts Listing Numbers

how to change the oil in a C gearbox

Rotax C Drive Oil Level

On top of the gearbox is a breather plug. Remove it. 

On the bottom of the gearbox is a drain plug, remove that to drain oil.

When gearbox is empty, replace the drain plug.

On the side of the gearbox are two smaller hex head screws, one about 3-4" above the other. 

Remove the BOTTOM screw.

Pour the new oil in the top breather hole until it begins to overflow out of the screw hole on the side of the gearbox.

Torque values are 24nm (212 in./lbs) for the drain plug. 6nm (53 in/lbs0 for the vent plug.

Use gear oil available at any auto parts store. You can use API-GL5, or GL6SAE140EP, or 85W-140EP.

If you have to replace the copper washer on the bottom drain plug, they are also available at the auto parts store.

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