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To assist all kinds of budgets, we provide our customers with master cylinders for many different type aircraft, as well as cost conscience prices! 

U.S. DollarsPlease note all pricing on this page is in U.S. dollars and does not include shipping and handling. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Wheels, rims, hubs, axles  for ultralight aircraft.

Part #

U.S. price

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Wheel Hubs
These hubs are used with the HEG 1000 rims
PN # HEG 1200- 5/8 inch axles
PN # HEG 1200- 3/4 inch axles

4" - 5" - 6" Nylon Wheels
4" - 5" - 6" Nylon Wheels
tough but lightweight, split rim design, corrosion proof, solvent resistant, available in to fit 5/8" or 3/4" axles.

PN # AZU 1054

4" O.D x3" Wide with 5/8 Bearing $16.75
PN# AZU 1057 5" O.D x 3" Wide with 5/8 Bearing $ 24.25
PN# AZU 1072 6" O.D x 3" Wide with 5/8 Bearing $29.75
PN# AZU 1077 6" O.D x 3" Wide with 3/4" Prec Bearing $35.95

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PN # AZU 1175

8" Custom Aluminum Wheels -
3" Wide - 5/8 bearing, strong and lightweight burnished aluminum finish, economically priced


 Ultralight Aircraft rims - 6" rim to be used with either HEG 3000 Brakes or HEG 1200 series wheel hubs
PN # HEG 1000 - Rim
PN # HEG 1100 - Tubeless Kit $19.50

Labour rate at $89.95 per hour

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