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Ultralight brakes, hydraulic brakes mechanical brakes for ultralights.

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Hegar Brakes
Ultralight BRAKES

This hydraulic 4" full disk brake is for use on smaller ultralights like Challenger, Chinook, Quicksilver, Firestar and other planes up to about 1200 lbs. gross. 
Each system has a 5" X 2 1\2" bolt pattern. Comes with two brake assy, wheel hubs, single master cylinder heel operated axles, fluid, brake line and fittings. 
This brakes kit does NOT include a master cylinder, or hand lever.
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PN# HEGARDB Brake Set $479.00  
Mechanical Brake Set 5" Mechanical Brake Set used on 8" Spoke Aluminum Rim, Sturdy arm allows for 8 positions, two locations for stop bolt, built in spacer, bonded 7/8" lining
PN# AZU 2530
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4 1/2" Mechanical Brake Set used on plastic rims - Aluminum Backing Plate
PN # AZU 2270A




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