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T Bird 2

Empty Weight: 500 lbs.
Gross Weight: 1000 lbs.
Wing Span: 36.6 ft.
Wing Area: 190 sq. ft.
Engine: 582 Rotax
Cruise Speed: 68 m.p.h.
Stall Speed: 36 m.p.h.
VNE: 95 m.p.h.
Construction: Bolt Together Aluminium Tube/Dacron Sailcloth

The T Bird 2 SS, introduced in 1989 is a side by side seating two place, in a tail dragger, pusher aircraft. The design goes back to the early days of ultralight aviation. Control is dual rudder pedals with steering yokes. The craft is constructed of bolt together aluminium tubing, covered in pre sewn dacron sail cloth. Building times are in the 100 to 150 hour range.

The T Bird 2 cabin is 42 inches wide, with good visibility to the front and side. Control pressures are fairly stiff as teleflex cables are used to operate all control systems. The cabin noise at cruise is above average. With the 582 Rotax cruise is 65/75 mph climb at gross 900 feet per minute with stall flaps extended 40 mph. Despite its large wing area this is one puppy that I wouldn't want to loose and engine on again. It glides like a rock. Past factory support has been a little questionable with one delivery that I know of taking over a year.

The Ultralight Flyer rates

The Factory.................................7.0
The T Bird 2 ...............................7.0

T - Bird, Tierra 2 place sail set.
(does NOT include cabin enclosure)




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