Rans S 14 sails, sails for the Rans S14 ultralight aircraft.

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Rans S 14 single place ultralight aircraft.
Empty Weight: 360 lbs.
Gross Weight: 685 lbs.
Wing Span: 26.4 ft.
Wing Area: 100 sq. ft.
Engine: 447 Rotax
Cruise Speed: 65 m.p.h.
Stall Speed: 35 m.p.h.
VNE: 120 m.p.h.
Construction: Aluminum tube/steel/dacron
Building time: 200 Hrs.

The Airaile S-14 has been in production since 1991. The kit utilizes bolt together aluminum construction, with a welded steel front section, covered in pre sewn dacron sail cloth, with a fiberglass enclosure. 

Standard features include folding wings, and tail, a full enclosure, 4 position flaps, toes brakes, instruments, shoulder harness, adjustable seat, 2 blade prop , a 9 gallon wing tank, aluminum wheels and streamlined struts. 

Options include the 503/582 Rotax, electric start, extra wing tank, elevator trim.
It is also available with a larger wing.

Rans S-14 sail set

$1695 U.S.


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