Rotax 912 carb heat, Rotax 912 carb heater.

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SKydrive 912 Coolant Carb Heater

For 912UL/ULS engines. In operation the crab heater adds a small amount of heat to the carburetor body at its downstream end in order to keep the temp of the body above freezing point. The intention is that any ice formed will not adhere to the carburetor throat. Because the heater block is adjacent to the throttle spindle, some heat is also transferred through the spindle to the butterfly, to prevent a thick build up of ice on the butterfly, which with the type of card used, can be a cause of rough running and possible engine failure. Because there is no significant heating of the intake air when hot coolant is circulating through the carburetor heater blocks, there will be a negligible loss of full engine power.

A suitable tap and additional tubing (so that the pipe work can be extended to fit the tap in the cockpit) is available as an optional extra. A digital temperature gauge is included in the kit, and this monitors the temp of one of the heater blocks close to the carburetor throttle spindle.

Extensive testing of the system has been carried out during an English winter, and it has been demonstrated that the system will prevent the formation of ice, and will also clear an ice build-up if the optional tap is turned on after the engine begins to run roughly due to ice formation. The system has not been tested under all possible conditions that may prevail, therefore its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances.

Aircraft equipped with this device should never be flown in circumstances where a successful "no power" landing cannot be made in the event of engine failure.

Carb Icing

Carb Thawing

Carb Icing on 912 series without carb heat installed

After Carb heater was installed.



CARBURETOR HEAT Carburetor heat system $295.00 U.S.  

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