Ultralight brakes, ultralight nose wheel brake, 5 inch ultralight wheels with brakes.

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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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You May Be A Redneck Pilot If...
... you refer to flying in formation as "We got ourselves a convoy!"
... there is a sign on the side of your aircraft advertising your septic tank service.
... when you are the owner of Red Neck Airlines and pilot of Redneck One.
... you subscribe to The Southern Aviator because of the soft paper!
... you have ever incorporated sheetrock into the repair of your aircraft.
... you have ever responded to ATC with the phrase "That's a big 10-4!"
... you typically answer female controllers with titles like "sugar" or "little darlin'."
... she responds with the words "Honey" or "Big guy" then she may be a redneck.

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MATCO 5 & 6" NOSE WHEELS, FIT 5/8" axle, use 5/8" sealed ball bearing, made of stamped anodized aluminum. Lightweight. U.S. $99.95

MATCO 5 & 6" NOSE WHEELS,U.S. $99.95  

6" NOSE WHEEL with brake, U.S. $425.00


Make yourself visible to others when your flying...... Strobe lights make you visible! Click here for more information!

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