L'il Buzzard ultralight, L'il Hustler ultralight trainer, L'il Hustler SS two place ultralight trainer.

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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Standard features....

  • no building required - kit comes built ready for paintL'il Hustler SS airframe.

  • aluminum D cell wing construction with aluminum wing ribs

  • 4130 chromoly steel tubing fuselage

  • Cub style bungee cord suspension system

  • rear float mounting brackets welded into frame

  • in cabin adjustable elevator trim

  • site fuel gauge(s)

  • site by side seating in a 44 inch wide cabin

  • doors which can be opened and closed in flight

  • gull wing style engine compartment doors

  • tie down holds on wing struts

  • C of G lifting ring for hanging craft to mount floats

  • handle on rudder for pulling plane back into parking area -no lifting required

  • dual stick and rudder controls

  • throttle system can be set up for 1, 2 or 3 separate throttle locations

  • large baggage area behind seats

  • large windscreen for excellent visibility

Built to be tough, reliable, and easy to maintain!

The L'il Buzzard has the strength of a Merlin, the sexiness of a Kitfox, costs less than a Challenger, is ALREADY BUILT, and comes with standard equipment the others list as options.

The L'il Buzzard features side by side seating, dual controls, side doors, which can be opened and closed in flight, a 10 gallon wing fuel tank, with and optional 10 gallon tank available, fuel gauge(s), in cabin adjustable trim, a pilot adjustable control stick.

The L'il Buzzard has a 4130, chromoly welded steel fuselage, "D" cell wing construction with aluminum wing ribs.  Covered in standard aircraft fabric covering materials.


The L'il Buzzard is delivered to the customer......
  BUILT, covered and ready for paint as shown below!

L'il Buzzard being delivered.

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  • Empty weight ranges from 550 lbs to 770 lbs depending on engine and options

  • Gross weight ranges from 1200 lbs as an ultralight in Canada to 1500 lbs as an amateur built  aircraft

  • Wing span is 33 feet 6 inches

  • Wing area is 172 square feet

  • Length is 20 feet 6 inches

  • cabin width 44 inches

  • range with optional fuel tank on a 582 Rotax @ 4 gallons per hour 350 miles with reserve

  • range with optional fuel tank on 912 - 80 hp engine @ 2.5 gallons per hour 480 miles with reserve

Performance Specifications

  • Cruise speed with 582 Rotax 65 hp - 80 mph

  • Cruise speed with 912 Rotax 80 hp - 85 mph

  • Climb rate with 582 Rotax 700 to 900 feet per minute

  • Climb rate with 912 Rotax 900 to 1200 feet per minute

  • Stall speed 35 mph

  • Stall speed with flaperon option 27 mph

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Lil Buzzard, Lil Hustler, Lil Hustler SS - two place ultralight trainers, built to be tough, reliable and easy to maintain.

With the sexiness of a Kitfox, the strength of a Merlin, at the price of a Challenger

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