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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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When was the last time you did maintenance on your K & N Airfilter? Is you filter safety wired? Click here to see how to clean and safety wire your airfilter!

K & N Airfilter safety wire advisory.
As you can see the if the filter comes off the safety wire ONLY holds the filter not the clamp, and WHY did the filter come off because of a loose clamp!

K & N air filter - safety advisory.

US Light Aircraft Corporation Model Hornet - Engine Failure

Incident report:
The engine installed in this aircraft was a "Hirth Model 2706," and the propeller was a "Tennessee Model 58/46." An abnormal noise was heard during flight, and the propeller failed. An off airport landing was made. The aircraft sustained substantial damage.

During an investigation, an engine air cleaner assembly was discovered to be missing. The submitter speculated that the air cleaner assembly came loose, struck the propeller, and caused this failure.

The air cleaner was a "K&N Model," and a part number was not available. Prior to flight, the engine/propeller components should be closely inspected for security.

Part total time-96 hours.

K & N airfilters supplied for AIRCRAFT use have tabs built into the filter for connecting the airfilter to the carburetor using safety wire.

It is necessary to drill the small flat plate on the rear of the Bing 54 carb to allow insertion of the safety wire.

K & N airfilter for aircraft application, note the tab on the filter that is suppose to be used to safety wire the airfilter to the carburator.
When safety wiring the air filter run the safety wire down under the hose clamp and then in through the hole in the back of the carb.

The above photo shows the suggested way to safety wire the airfilter. Note that the owner has also run safety wire to the chrome airfilter cover plane, which has been reported to come off filters from aircraft while in flight.

The new K & N airfilters do not have the chrome cover as it can separate from the filter, and the new filters (photo above) have tabs for connecting the safety wire to the air filter.

Note in the picture above the air filter has the tab, the Bing Carburator the hole, but the owner has NOT installed the safety wire!
K & N Airfilters and cleaning accessories
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