Lightsport aircraft kit builders, finding the right ultralight or lightsport aircraft, helping build or repair you ultralight or light sport aircraft kit plane.

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Light Sport & Ultralight Aircraft & Information.

Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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 Kit plane builder - we can help you buy and build your kit no matter the manufacturer 

Aerial photography - Digital aerial photography - over 40 years experience!

Ultralight kit builders, ultralight aircraft repair, ultralight aircraft buyers assistance.

Since 1978 we have provided the best service possible to our customers, from helping  find their first plane, to building it with them and then helping to maintain it.

L'il Hustler kit plane building service is there to make your kit aircraft dream come true.

We can help determine which aircraft is best suited to your needs, from wheeled planes, to amphibians, flying boats, single and two place we have built, repaired, flown, and taught pilots how to fly most of the craft currently fitting into the Ultralight Category in Canada.

With this experience we can help find the craft best suit to your budget and needs.

Taking into consideration:

  1. your budget requirements
  2. the primary use of the craft, pleasure flying, training, cross country capabilities
  3. type of landing area you will be using, length, surface
  4. time requirements for the completion of the project

L'il Hustler services has been involved in the assembly, building, flight testing, over over 700 aircraft. These include Quicksilver aircraft, Buccaneer, Merlin, Kitfox, Avid Flyer, Phantom, Flightstar, Murphy, CGS Hawk, Rans, Explorer, Drifter, Chinook, Beaver, Bushmaster, Pelican, Cuby,  Challenger, L'il Buzzard, L'il Hustler,  just to name a few.

We take all of the hassle out of the process. Ordering, delivery, building area tools, equipment, and government paper work are all handled looked after.

If you know which plane you want to build, or have built for you contact us. If you are looking for advice on which plane would best fit you needs visit our buyers guide section, and then if you have any questions email us to get things started.

Aerodrome Airplanes Fokker D7 kit plane
Aerodrome Airplanes Fokker D7 kit plane

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