Engine heater, aircraft engine pre-heater, Rotax 582 engine heater, Rotax 618, and Rotax 912 aircraft engine pre heater .

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Aircraft engine pre heater.

Engine pre heat - for two and four stroke aircraft engines.

Engine pre heater for the Rotax 582, Rotax 618 and Rotax 912 series of aircraft engines.Rotax 582 Rotax

I fly on both the Rotax two stroke and four stroke engines, and in winter find that the installation of a heater running off the radiator system on the 582, 618 and 912 engines keeps me quite comfortable.
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While this warms me up when flying, I have added a system to my 582 and 912 which warms them up BEFORE I go flying.  While my 582 starts easily in the winter, with just a couple of primes, and a flick of the switch to engage the electric start, it takes quite a while, even with a thermostat installed for it to warm up to operating temperature.

My 912 on the other hand is a bear to start, and if I don't get it on the first attempt, I want to make sure my battery is fully charged, because I will probably drain it trying to start the engine.

The 912 S is even more of a bear, and because of the new gear ratio and starter I can't hand prop it, if I do drain the battery.

A couple of years ago I came across a neat little heater, as luck would have it, the radiator hose size is the same as that used on both the Rotax 912, 582, and 618. 

Installation is as simple as cutting the hose that goes to your rad, and mounting the heater in the lowest possible position. That is of course AFTER you have drained the necessary fluid out of the system!!!

Once installed you can put the heater on a timer, which can turn in on and off on a regular basis, or you can just connect it to an extension cord, while doing your preflight check and fueling the plane.

Rotax 582, Rotax 912 engine pre-heater




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