Aircraft fuel tanks, auxiliary fuel tanks, aircraft wing tanks, for Challenger and other ultralight and light sport aircraft.



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15   gallon Challenger Sport plane auxiliary fuel tanks
This tank is designed to improve the range of your Challenger. The upper left side filler neck extends outside, thus a more practical way of refueling, eliminating odors and stains. Two front vertical see through windows show fuel level. A quick drain valve can be installed in a recessed pocket at the low point, allowing elimination of water and sediments. Installation is simple and straightforward. The tank is held by a webbing system that will absorb energy in a severe impact. The resin, used in the tank fabrication, is recognized by the Underwriters Laboratories to meet the demanding requirements for petroleum storage tanks that contain oxygenated fuels.
  • Model: 15CO
  • Construction: Vipel Isophthalic Polyester UL 1316 /UL 1746 resin and composite.
  • Capacity: 15.6us gal./13 imp. gal/59 liters (approx.).
  • Dimension: 19" X 16" X 16" height.
  • Finish: Black Gel coat
  • Installation: Back of rear seat.
  • In/Out: 2" neck on the upright left side, 3/8" NPT outlet for fuel pick up and a 1/8" NPT for drain.

    Note: All tanks are pre-tested.


    Aircraft fuel tanks, long range fuel tanks, auxiliary fuel tanks for ultralight aircraft and light sport planes.Auxiliary light sport aircraft fuel tanks, wing tanks, strut mounted wing tanks.

    These universal strut fuel tanks can be adapted to fit most aircraft for use as main tanks or auxiliary tanks. All tanks come with fuel cap and inlet fitting.

    Complete kit included 2 tanks, universal brackets, pick-up tubes and screens and 25' for fuel line.
    Each tank has a capacity of 4.5 imp. Gal or 20 litres.

    PN# CHI 5000 Tank with cap and fittings   
    PN# CHI - 12-1K Tank Kit with 2 tanks and hardware
    PN# BVR-12-1K Tank Kit for Beaver RX-550  

    Aircraft fuel tanks, long range fuel tanks, auxiliary fuel tanks.

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