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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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The original audio equipped helmet for ultralight aircraft use, with flip up ear phones.

The ultimate in ultralight aircraft helmets

  • excellent noise attenuation

  • superior seamless construction

  • singular quality

    In March 1983 at the Sun-N-Fun EAA convention at Lakeland, Florida, Comtronics Engineering introduced the first truly noise-attenuating helmet designed for ultralight use. It is still the best buy in audio-equipped helmets.  

    The ULTRA-PRO helmet is manufactured and sold only by Comtronics Engineering and its authorized dealers. No other helmet offers the same value. ULTRA-PRO has it all. The ULTRA-PRO helmet offers superior noise-attenuation. Its fully upholstered interior provides comfort and protection.

    Inside the padded nylon liner is a beaded foam inner shell which is extremely resilient and designed for noise absorption. The heavy-duty chin strap is made of nylon web construction and is fully adjustable. The soft vinyl ear cup seals effectively block out harmful ambient noise as well as seal around eyeglass frames.

Ultra Pro standard helmet with audio installed $289.00 U.S.

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