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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Some People Just Never Listen
ATC to Flight 123: "Slow to 300 knots please." After several moments, it was apparent the crew had not complied with the first speed reduction and was overtaking the inbound plane ahead of them.
ATC to Flight 123: "Slow to 280 knots." This was soon followed by a request for 250 knots from ATC when the crew still had not slowed the airplane.
Finally, the now-frustrated controller ordered, "Gentlemen, the number is 250. Either slow to it or turn to it!"

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ULTRA-PRO 2000 helmet

ULTRA-PRO 2000 helmet

The new low-profile ULTRA-PRO 2000 helmet combines all of the customer requested features. This helmet is lighter in weight than the standard ULTRA- PRO and incorporates a unique chin strap with a cross-over elastic band to automatically create a positive seal at the ear cups.

This seal assures maximum clarity for all communication even at high power settings. The helmet also utilizes an extremely efficient ear muff which reduces the ambient noise level to a more comfortable level.  

Military M/87 -AIC microphones are used because of their superior noise canceling ability. Large HI-FI speakers ensure optimum radio and intercom communication.

Helmet Shell High impact poly carbonate
Helmet Liner Upholstered beaded foam
Microphone Military M/87 AIC dynamic
Speakers 8 ohm 2 inch diameter
Cord Heavy duty shielded
Weight 2 lbs 5 oz
Windscreens Standard and Heavy Duty
Quick disconnect chin strap optional  
Compatible with all Ultra-Pro intercoms and interface cables

Ultra Pro 2000 helmet with audio installed
$289.00 U.S.

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