Ultralight aircraft intercoms, ultralight aircraft radio switcher box.

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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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Ultralight aircraft intercoms, ultralight aircraft radio switcher box.

Ultralight aircraft intercoms, ultralight aircraft radio switcher box.




Interface with two transceivers for selective transmission from either   Shielded heavy duty cables and plugs
Self contained, no battery required   All solid state electronics
Can be used with either a single helmet or headset and can be interfaced with the ultralight intercom for greater utility   Exclusive circuitry designed for clear communication transmission from one transceiver to another
Communicate on CB or VHF selectively with the flip of a switch   Requires one interface cable for each radio
    Can be used as a music interface, music in one channel com in the other


Using two transceivers complete with UL TRA-COM interface cables  

1 Plug No.1 Switcher Box cord into No.1 Radio interface cable  

2 Repeat Step No.1 for Radio No.2

NOTE: Both radios should be equipped with remote antennas for best results  


3 Plug one end of adapter cord (one included with intercom when originally purchased) into jack on Switcher Box and Plug other end into intercom jack marked "XMTR"  

4 Plug both helmets into intercom  

5 Turn on intercom and adjust volume for comfor1able listening (about 1/3 volume)  

6 Turn on Radio No.1 and adjust squelch to just cancel rushing noise. Adjust volume for comfort. Press No.1 radio push-to-talk switch checking transmission to another distant receiver. Make final minor adjustments and proceed to Step No.8  

7 Repeat Step No.6 for Radio No.2


8. Plug helmet or headset cord into jack on front of Switcher Box  

9. Repeat Steps No.1, No.2, No.6 and No.7

Adjust radio volumes and/or squelch controls if squealing or unwanted feedback is experienced. Many times this condition can be eliminated simply by relocating various pieces of equipment in relation to each other.  

When used without intercom you will not hear your own voice during transmissions unless your radio is equipped with a side-tone feature. Most hand-held portable radios are not so equipped.

Switcher Box $169.00 U.S.


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