Ultralight headset - Sport 3000 ultralight head set.

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Sport 3000 ultralight headset

Sport 3000 ultralight headset

Sport 3000 ultralight headset - superior passive noise canceling features.

The manufacturer of the most popular communication systems for ultralight, homebuilt, powered parachutes, trikes and gyros has taken a major step forward by announcing an all new headset for these pilots.  

Sport 3000 headsets feature:

  • Noise-canceling electret microphone
  • Individual ear muffs adjust up/down
  • Full cover pillow-style headband
  • 29dB noise-canceling ear-muffs
  • 100% dielectric materials
  • Contempory design
  • Light weight 12 oz.
  • Available in gray
  • Extra cost options: gel/foam earseal set

    SPORT -3000 ultralight headset has exceptional sound-attenuation and a fully adjustable overhead band. The band has been fabricated from stainless steel with a grey phosphate coating to enhance its overall appearance. A coil cord is supplied at no extra cost. This headset is available with charcoal grey ear muffs. Gel ear cup seals are also available as an extra cost option.  

    These headsets have a state-of-the-art design with features that are important to all pilots. Extra sound insulation has been placed in the ear cups to isolate ambient noise associated with hi-rev two-stroke power plants. Also added is a "MIC" switch on the ear cup which enables student or pilot to turn off microphone output fur- therefore reducing ambient noise feed-back.  

    Interface cables are also available for all aircraft as well as most GB, business, marine and family band transceivers.  

    Your sails a little faded? Are they safe to fly on?

    Sport 3000 light plane audio equipped headset
    $279.00 U.S.

    Gel/foam ear seal set  $30.00 U.S.



    *Safety - the hand that holds the microphone is now free to operate throttle, trim or flaps
    *Improved Communication Eliminates excessive background noise - hear and be heard
    *Comfort and Convenience Avoid fatigue - enjoy the security of using quality equipment Hearing Protection. 
    *Flying without ear protection can damage your hearing!

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